Personal | At 34

Another birthday. I can’t say it snuck up on me this year so much as that I really didn’t pay attention to the fact until yesterday…when you’ve had this many you tend not to make a big deal out of it. Considering I’ve been exclaiming dramatically “we’re 35!” about Dan and I for the past year now (I was 33, he was 34), I obviously don’t have an issue admitting our age, but at the same time it’s hard to believe that we’re approaching mid-life already (ALREADY?!)

It’s funny, the acceptance of it all. I fight it but embrace it literally at the same time. Part of me cannot believe that my knees and hips are clicking and cracking so much already, that my eyes are drooping in the corners, that my hair is getting SO gray so quick, and then part of me cannot believe that I’m living an ‘adult’ life, with adult responsibilities (including 2 school aged kids!), adult decisions and consequences, when I feel like I’m still that moody 20-year old who scrapbooks her feelings and listens to melancholy music to ponder life (I still do all that.) It’s a funny thing, this decade of our 30s; it’s the best one I’ve ever had, with a confidence I’ve only ever dreamed of having, and yet I still fight having to go through it in some ways. I imagine it’ll be this way until the very end, appreciating it while wishing it would stop. Life’s dichotomy, present in everything.

So, because I was a moody 20-something in the ‘golden age of blogging’ (2005-2010: RIP personal, non-content driven blogs), I felt like writing one of those silly ‘XX things about me at XX” posts; maybe when I’m 44 I’ll come back and see how much I’ve changed (or stayed the same).

At 34:

  1. I swear. A lot. It has gotten worse over the years and I’ve gotten less concerned with who hears it (though I’m 99% clean at work, no worries!)
  2. My love for MMA has grown into a weird obsession, to the point where I now not only follow MMA, but MMA media personalities as well. It’s the greatest sport. (And I still can’t help but love that Irishman, I really can’t.)
  3. I have started to dream about our big ‘once in a lifetime’ trip that I want to do with the kids in 5 years (2022, when they are 12 and 10); 3 months off work, travelling around Europe, learning and living. Not sure how we’ll swing it financially, but I’m opening a “Europe 2022” bank account today, so we’ll see.
  4. If my teens were defined as wearing sneakers, low-cut jeans and baby T’s and my 20s as wearing flared jeans and tight striped shirts, then my 30s can only be defined as ‘athleisurewear’ through and through. Jeans are a huge pain in the butt and I prefer workout clothes to anything else. Oh, and grey, always grey (or black).
  5. I’ve gotten so sick of our society’s view on breasts; I really thought we would be over it by now! Whhhyyyy does it have to be a big deal if breasts are shown in an image or on screen, why are people grossed out by breastfeeding still, why do we care?! Take me to the topless beaches; I’ll be the first with my shirt off.
  6. I’ve lived a long enough life to know that I’ll probably never really be able to eat ‘clean’ and healthy, unless I become independently wealthy and can afford a personal chef. It’ll never happen. It’s fine.
  7. I love my kids’ ages SO much. At 5 and 7, they are still small enough to want to hang out with us and still have that little kids innocence, but they are also old enough to take care of their basic needs and have real conversations with and have varied interests that can be explored, it really is the best. These are the years I know I’ll want to go back to, these are the years I’ll want to freeze.
  8. I am 100% pro selfie. If you aren’t into it that’s fine but girls, show me your outfits, your post-workout sweaty face, your photos with friends, your bathroom mirror selfies with fun quotes, I am all in (and post them myself frequently).
  9. I have a real love/hate relationship with social media. There are so many positives to it but lately, the negatives have become even more prominent and I really wish I could scale back (I have tried before and will continue trying but I am admittedly addicted.) Social media is a huge part of my work though so I’ll never be able to truly get away from it, but from now on I want to be smarter about how I use it and consme it.
  10. I can (still) watch the same movies over and over and over again (current movies I itch to watch constantly are The Revenant and Drive).
  11. I finally (maybe?) feel confident enough to do a boudoir session.
  12. I am currently in love with Half Moon Run (and am so thankful to Dan for keeping up with current music and for introducing me to new bands).
  13. I go back and forth about wanting more tattoos; I have the itch again but am still unsure about what to get (I’m done getting ‘important’ tattoos that mean anything, now I just want pretty art for my body.) I get them every 2 years and just got one last year (I have 5), so I should probably wait…
  14. I enjoy reading now more than I have in years but still can’t stay awake for longer than like 10 mins before falling asleep (day or night). Because of this it takes me months to get through a book.
  15. I am scared about the next 5 years of business; I’m done ‘growing’ my business, I’m established, now it’s all about pushing forward and keeping clients interested in a market where there are SO many talented, young and hungry photographers looking to break out themselves. I worry about ‘keeping up’.
  16. I cringe in most social situations when there is the least bit of awkwardness (I CANNOT handle awkwardness; shows like “The Office” are torture to me.)
  17. I prefer drama to comedy 10 times out of 10 (but love laughing at funny animal videos).
  18. I always make huge plans for Halloween but never follow through on any of them.
  19. I buy thrift store clothes almost weekly (mostly work out gear).
  20. I want to have jacked arms but can barely do 5 push-ups on my toes.
  21. I still love being with Dan more than anything else in the entire world. We’ll have been together for 14 years this June, 10 years married, and if anything I’ve gotten even clingier to him (if he’s in another room I want him to come back). It’s not normal I think, but I’m so thankful to have such a great partner to age with.
  22. I am unable to do proper hellos/goodbyes, so when I see people I tend to just jump into conversations as if no time has passed at all.
  23. I am a huge slacker when it comes to my kids’ activities. They don’t do anything after school, in the evenings, on weekends…I just can’t. I know they are getting old enough now that they really should find something that interests them, I just need to get on it and commit (and prepare myself for all the rushing and driving and packing and…UGH.)
  24. I sometimes feel bad for not being more of ‘artist’. I feel like I’ve ‘lost’ it lately but then I’ll see something or think something and know that I am one, I just need to have more follow-through and consistency with creating (too many periods of doing nothing.) “You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have”.
  25. I barely follow people I know “IRL” on social media; I tend to follow interests instead (does that make me a bad person?!)
  26. I love listening to podcasts and have a hard time working at my computer without them. Current favs are Unexplained, Turn Me On (local podcast based out of Halifax!), Stranglers, The Joe Rogan Experience, Big Brown Breakdown (mma).
  27. I am cynical, a bit jaded, serious, moody.
  28. The topic of marriage fascinates me; what makes a good marriage, what doesn’t, how partners share their lives together, the importance of communication, all of it, I could really study it as a second career.
  29. US politics are stressing me the fuck out. It’s not funny anymore, it’s not ok, it’s not ‘let’s see what happens’ anymore, it’s not ‘let’s give him a chance’ anymore…it’s fucked up.
  30. I love the Sabbaths and the changing of the seasons, the rhythm of the year here where I live, I just wish I took the time to celebrate a bit more.
  31. I follow an Australian fitness girl (Ashy Bines) on Snapchat and secretly wish I were ‘one of them’.
  32. I find newborns hilarious in the best kind of way, toddlers terrible in the best kind of way, and HATE ‘mommy wars’.
  33. I am continually complaining about something.
  34. I am continually grateful for everything.

Here’s to another amazing year.

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EMBRACE-Christina & Orry | Quispamsis, NB Intimate Lifestyle Photographer

  “The best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than yourself.” -Unknown

These two lovebirds were perfect for an EMBRACE session; they’ve only been together for a few years (“but it feels like forever” according to both), but seeing them together as a ‘seasoned’ married lady, I still saw a ton of new-love energy between them. They are completely at ease with each other but there’s still a bit of buzz between them when they touch, and they still giggle and laugh together in that new-relationship kind of way. They are getting married this year so it was the perfect time to capture their relationship, in their new SUPER stylish home, in the months before entering the “honeymoon” phase of their relationship.

I loved noticing how Orry had the calmest, sweetest smile looking at Christina during the entire session, I loved how she always had her hand on his torso, I love how they laughed big and then sunk into each other, I love how they had no problem thinking of loving adjectives to describe each other (one of the ‘connection’ prompts that I use), I love how he pressed his hand on her back, I loved how they squeezed in SO close when we were outside.

I loved it all.

Here are a few words from Christina and Orry about their love story and their experience with an EMBRACE session:

Christina and Orry had crossed paths many years ago, but didn’t really land in each other’s lives until the end of 2014. After spending some time with each other, it became immediately clear there was an intense connection that neither of them had ever experienced before. They couldn’t get enough of each other and it was obvious what they had fallen madly in love. It wasn’t long after that they moved in together and started building their lives as one. Fast forward to 2017, they are now engaged and planning a wedding for October. Their family also includes a wonderful seven year old boy and a two year old miniature dachshund, Murphy. They are happier than they’ve ever been and look forward to spending the rest of their life together.

When we first heard we’d be working with Genevieve to capture our love for one another in the comfort of our own home, we were thrilled, but didn’t know exactly what to expect. Her talent for being able to seize little moments in a photograph is exquisite. She found a way to get us comfortable so we could just be ourselves and allow things to flow naturally. There was no “trying” or “posing”. We enjoyed every minute of the experience and had many laughs along the way. I think the end result shows just how easy it can be when you have two people who love each other as much as Christina and I do, and you have someone with as much passion as Genevieve to capture it. The album Genevieve generated that day is breathtaking and now very close to our hearts. Thank you Genevieve!


“I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.” -Unknown



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Personal | The Girls | New Brunswick Portrait Photographer

“Community, not Competition”

I’ve mentioned my appreciation for my ‘tribe’ of ladies here before on the blog, but it bears repeating again: I feel so fortunate to be a part of a local group of women photographers who come together semi-regularly to chat business, life, balance, stresses, equipment, marketing, tech-stuff, money stuff, communication, and every single thing in between. I’ve learned a lot from all of them, have felt lifted up by them in low times, and love helping those who are a bit younger in their business journey than I am (crazy to think that me, at 6 years in business, am ‘seasoned’!) Anyway, on top of just meeting up to chat, we decided to start meeting up for ‘workshops’ or creative projects to help boost our spirits in slow/low times, and to learn something new since we all specialize in different things. A couple weeks ago we met in Miranda’s amazing studio to play with natural light and ‘glamour’ posing to do some head shots for each other. It was super fun, I really enjoy this type of photography and would love to do more of it one day (in a future dream studio perhaps??)

I wanted to share a few images from our morning together and introduce you to (a few) lovely ladies from our group! Be sure to check them all out, they are all super talented!

Carla | Enchanted Hill Photography (NEWBORNS) | Facebook

Shannon-May (yes, both names!) | Shannon-May Photography (WEDDINGS) | Facebook

Brittany | Valley Photography (WEDDINGS, PORTRAITS) | Facebook

Stephanie | Pristine Photography (PORTRAITS) | Facebook

Miranda | Miranda O’Leary Photography (WEDDINGS, PORTRAITS) | Facebook


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Meet Samuel | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

Oh, this little boy. He really, truly stole my heart and I am still crushing on him looking at these images. The most laid-back, sleepy, sweet and beautiful little guy ever, I didn’t want our session to end! Little Sam was baby #2 for Jeanette and Jeremy; I photographed their first love Gabrielle less than 2 years ago and now here she is, a big sister! She was only….mildly interested in her brother but I was so happy to get one photo of them together, and Sam slept like a champ through it all.

Everyone, meet Samuel.


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Meet Olivia | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

^^^ The squishiest, bendiest baby ever! ^^^

Here we go again! Fran and Dan (who I feel should have their own category on my blog at this point!) welcomed their 2nd sweet bébé 2 days after Christmas and named her Olivia (such a sweet name). I am honoured to be photographing her during her 1st Year the same way I did for big brother Jacob (who, at only 20.5 months old, wasn’t super interested in little sister just yet…we’ll try again in 3 months!) She was a typical 2nd born, laid back, sleepy, and INSANELY flexible. I can’t wait to see her again at the end of the month to see how much she has changed!

Everyone, meet Olivia.

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