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If you follow me on Facebook, or Twitter, or my personal blog, then this will not come as new information. However, for those of you who don’t know, my husband and I received quite the shock about 2 months ago when we discovered that we were expecting again. This was not something that we had been expecting or had planned, and we struggled with the idea for a long time (especially me). Having just started my business in March (and having a baby who just turned one year old), I worried about how things would go, but I’ve since decided to just let things come as they may, and to enjoy this pregnancy as much as possible, because it will be the last time I will ever be in this condition again! I’m 16 Weeks along now and just coming out of the dreaded 1st trimester, with its fatigue and nausea. I can now say that I honestly can’t wait for Spring to get here, because it means fresh air and renewal in so many ways!

On the plus side, being pregnant has allowed me the opportunity to work on a photo series for a new package that I’ve been wanting to introduce to my clients. The full details aren’t yet finalized, but in speaking generally, I want to offer a package that includes a photo series of an expectant mother throughout her pregnancy. Depending on the availability of the client, these could be weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly mini-shoots, starting at around 12 weeks (or earlier/later if preferred) and going up until the end of her pregnancy. A photobook with all the images would be created at the end of the series for the client, which makes for a wonderful keepsake and serves as something fun to show your children later on in life. 

The great thing about this package is that it’s completely customizable to meet the client’s needs and budget. It’s also creatively flexible, with many different options (for example, in my own personal series, I’m including a weekly letter to the baby, talking a bit about our lives at the moment and about how I’m feeling). I’m also using different sites/outfits for each week, but there’s also the option of using the same location and outfit for each week to really focus on the growing belly, or do a black and white series, or to include props representing each particular week (for example, food cravings in the first trimester), or to include older siblings/pets…the list could go on.  

More details will follow as I continue to develop the package (including a proper package name!); however, if this is something you are interested in, please contact me at, or use the contact form in the navigation bar above. I would love the opportunity to photograph another expectant momma (taking self-portraits is much more challenging, and the results aren’t exactly what I would expect if I were shooting someone else). But, seeing as I’m the only available model, I guess I will have to do 🙂

So, without further ado, I present to you Bump Watch 2011, starting with 12 Weeks. (There will be several of these posts over the coming week as I catch up, but starting next week this project will become a weekly post, mixed among my other posts and sessions.)



(Note: This is NOT my original idea. These types of maternity series have been done all over online, and I have been heavily inspired by several of them, in particular Cole’s Maternity series, which is the one that started them all I believe, and by Miss James’ Maternity series, which is where I got the idea to include a letter every week. I think that it’s important to give credit when it’s due, but I also believe that I can take an idea and create my own unique version of it!)

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Thanks so much!

Faye - I love this idea Genevieve…. absolutely love it. And no one is doing it around here!! I would love to chat with you about it sometime – might be something I incorporate into my business maybe. Been thinking of making some changes with packages and such anyways. “chat” soon 🙂 Fantastic work, the blog looks great!

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