3 Months | Violet [Norton, NB Babies and Children Photographer]

I’m quite late in posting this (as always!), but I finally finished editing my daughter’s 3 month photos that I took a couple of months ago. We did them at home, on a whim, over the course of a couple of days. We were just hanging out at home one Friday afternoon, the two of us (big brother was at the sitter’s), and I decided then and there to take her photos before she was too old (she was technically 3.5 months in these shots I think…) Without a real plan or wardrobe, I picked out some clothes from her closet, tried a few different set ups, found a few ideas online, and this is what I got.

Violet is definitely a second child…very easy going for the most part, and ‘just happy to be around’, as I always say. She let me do pretty much whatever I wanted with her and was a perfect little doll 🙂 I can’t wait to take her 6 month photos (next month!), she’s become so active and spunky since these shots were taken, I will have to move fast to keep up with her!

[PS-The mobile in her room was made by me with a flower punch, an embroidery hoop, thread, and several different shades of pink/orange/coral paint chip swatches. Her denim dress and crocheted flower headband were handmade by my friend Heather, and I was so sad to discover that the dress barely fit her (I thought it was much bigger than it was), but I made it work for the photos.]


(I know that last shot isn’t technically perfect, but I love her expression! Smiling at her daddy 🙂 )

Be back soon, hope you’re all getting through the winter (not much longer now!)


Thanks so much!

Dani - She is so very beautiful!! These photos are just gorgeous!

Amy S - Soooo cute!!! I love all of these, but I think that first image in the frame may just be my favorite.

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