BUMP WATCH Recap [Personal Project]


I just realized the other day that I never posted all of these shots together, so I thought now would be a good time, considering miss Violet is almost 6 months old already!

Looking back on these photos makes me think two things: 1) I am SO glad that I documented my last pregnancy in this way, even if I didn’t manage to keep up with the weekly shots at the end, and 2) I am SO glad that I don’t have to be pregnant ever again! 😉

I plan on taking these shots (plus all of the additional ones for every week) and making a photobook out of them as a keepsake for Violet to look back through one day. (If you want to see the full posts for each week, click on the “Personal” or “Maternity” categories at the bottom of this post.)

I’m still waiting for the perfect little mama-to-be to contact me to help her document her own journey, so if something like this interests you, please contact me for a custom plan and quote, I’d love to start a ‘bump watch’ with you!

(All shots are self portraits except for Week 35 which was shot by Faye Kingston, and Week 39 which was shot by my husband.)

Have a great weekend everyone!


Thanks so much!

stacy - lucky lady getting a portrait by faye!! and i really LOVE this whole post!! congratulations!!

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