MY FAVOURITES of 2011 [Weddings]

Here we go, the big one: my favourite wedding images of 2011!

Wedding photography is an interesting beast: it’s incredibly fun, but incredibly intense at the same time. You are there on one of the most special occasions of a person’s life, and you are in charge of making sure that their memories are captured forever. Unlike portrait photography where you can get a ‘do over’, you only get one shot at capturing those moments in a wedding, and that can be quite scary to think about…but it’s also a chance to share in something really special, and if you can relax enough to enjoy it, it can be the best job ever.

This past year I had the chance to photograph 4 weddings, and each was different and unique it its own way. Whether it was an early spring casual affair or an elegant winter wedding, or a couple of large summer weddings, one urban and one rural, each presented different challenges and different aspects that helped me grow as a photographer. One thing that they all had in common though? Awesome brides! I’m really lucky in that way, each of my couples were really easy to work with and trusted me completely, which is a true honour.

This year I’m going to have the opportunity to work with even more awesome brides and grooms, and I’m anxious to take what I learned last year and build upon it this year. As I mentioned before, it wasn’t an area of photography that I thought I would be doing, but it’s one that I’m happy found me!

So here we go, some of my favourite wedding images of 2011…

To see more of each wedding, click on the links below:

Stacey and Derek (One and Two)

Jade and Jared

Nikki and Shane

Elisa and Patrick

Also, please feel free to share this post with any potential brides you may know who are looking for a wedding photographer, as I feel it embodies my style of wedding photography and would serve as a good ‘portfolio’ for them to look through 🙂

Thank you for letting me share my favourite images of 2011…it’s been an incredible year for me and I know that this year is only going to get better, so thanks again!!

Back soon,


Thanks so much!

Wedding Venues Ireland - Stunning pictures, really fantastic compositions, I love how wedding photography has evolved over the last few years,the compositions are so much more natural looking

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