Big Red Truck | Carol & Joel [Sussex, NB Engagement Photographer]

One of the many things that I love about this job is that it allows me to meet people that I wouldn’t ordinarily meet, or do things that I wouldn’t ordinarily do. This was the case when I met up with Carol and Joel, one of my 2013 weddings couples. Not only are they super sweet and nice, but Joel has a pretty cool job; he’s a firefighter here in Sussex. They told me that since his job is such a big part of their lives, they wanted to incorporate it into their engagement session, in particular the truck. How fun is that?!

The night we met up for our shoot we were planning on taking the truck out for a few shots in the country near their home, but on our way out it started raining, so we ended up turning back once we got there and just doing a few shots at the station and in town (of course it stopped raining once we got back)…I still got to ride in the truck though, which was a lot of fun 🙂

Carol and Joel are such a cute couple; although they’re what you might call ‘shy’ when it comes to having their photo taken (especially poor Joel, I think I tortured him the entire time!), when it comes to each other, they are far from wallflowers. You can tell that they make each other laugh and that they truly enjoy spending time together…I’m already looking forward to their June wedding!

Here is their full engagement session, enjoy!

We’re going to attempt our country shots this month, I’ll be sure to share more of these two as soon as I can!

Until then,


Thanks so much!

Meg Bonnell - Beautiful shots for a beautiful couple! 🙂

Sheena Baskin - beautiful pics, love them all.

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