Little Ones | Victor [Norton, NB Babies & Children Photographer]

After spending about 15 mins photographing my son Victor I’ve discovered one thing: photographing 3-year olds is hard! Especially ones who are quite used to their mama’s camera and would rather play around the firepit and walk along the logs holding your hand. And yes, he’s wearing a pyjama top 😉

At 3 Victor has gone through some pretty big changes (I notice that this happens around his year marks, he seems to take a few big developmental leaps around his birthday). The biggest one is being potty trained (mamas, you know how big a deal this is!), as well as progress in his language (he’s still quite a bit behind but he communicates in little sentences now and for the most part he gets his point across). He’s also a lot less temperamental and tantrum-y, which is huge for me since he had a pretty bad and long spell of ‘terrible twos’. He’s a breeze to take out most of the time and is also easy to put to bed. The biggest challenge with him is mealtimes/food in general, but I think that’s quite common with a lot of kids. He loves TV and the computer but isn’t as obsessed as he was before (and like his sister is now), and he plays really well by himself, talking to himself and doing all those cute little kid things that they do with their imagination. He has a really good memory and is extremely observant (he’ll mention something and it will take Dan and I several days to figure out what he means because it’s such a small little detail), and he can ‘read’ several books by himself because he has them memorized. He knows his ABCs and 123s in English and French and loves to learn that kind of thing. He’s also getting really into playing outside in his sandbox or the yard (he wanted me to roll in the grass with him the other day), and I’m looking forward to trying out different activities with him over the summer (he was never really old enough to ‘get’ activities before). He’s quiet in public and still a bit shy but can be super hyper and rough and tumble, especially with his sister. He’s turning into a real little boy and it’s been so fun to watch (he surprises me almost everyday with something new).

This boy, he’s got my heart pretty locked up; he’s my first and my beau garçon.

(When I saw him doing this I knew the session was over, ha!)

Thanks for letting me share some personal photos of what takes up the rest of my time when I’m not working 😉

Back soon!


Thanks so much!

Lori Thornton - His eyes are so striking!

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