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Sometimes, when you’re a photographer, you can get a bit of ‘big camera fatigue’. While I LOVE my job and wouldn’t want to do anything else, I admit to relying on my iPhone for taking the majority of my at-home pics (especially now that I have the 4S, the camera is really decent on it!) And while I do take a lot of casual, candid shots of my kids with my ‘big camera’ for my Project Life albums (a scrapbooking system that I need to blog about!), I don’t do many ‘real’ sessions with them. Especially my son Victor, he hasn’t had a ‘formal’ session since before Violet was born! So anyway, one evening a couple of weeks ago I decided to take them out into the side field as the sun was going down and get a few ‘real’ shots with my big camera. Nothing fancy or too planned out, just some shots of my kids as they are, right now. First up I’m sharing Violet’s shots 🙂

If I have to describe Violet usually the first word that comes to mind is either ‘crazy’ or ‘insane’. She is such a little personality and completely different from my first born that we still wonder where she came from most days! At 19 months she is in full blown toddler mode, getting into everything and exploring as much as she can, making messes and throwing tantrums along the way. The thing with her is she is just so FUNNY. She’s a bit of a drama queen and make ‘drama eyes’ when things don’t go her way, and has a fake cry down to a science (she also likes to go sulk against the wall, peeking to see if anyone is looking of course). She pretends to sleep on the stairs when we catch her coming down after putting her to bed (as if we wouldn’t notice her there), she pats our back and squeezes our neck when she gives hugs, she pours entire glasses or even jugs of liquid onto the floor (or onto her father’s lap while he’s sleeping on the couch-really), she doesn’t say a word but still gets her point across easily, loves to wear her rubber boots everywhere and is a bit of a TV junkie, eats all her veggies before anything else at meal times, follows and mimics her brother, and does a dozen funny or odd things throughout the day that makes us laugh. Even her looks are kind of crazy, she her shaggy blonde mullet (that is getting so long!), and big front teeth (but still only 2 bottom teeth despite having molars), she’s her own little person and we love her for it. She’s ‘ma p’tite bine’ (little bean) and will always be my baby.

Enjoy a few of her shots below!

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.” -William Shakespeare

Back soon to share her brother’s images!


Thanks so much!

Erin McKenna - Sweet, sweet pictures of Violet!

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