Beauty | Allison [Berwick, NB Teen Photographer]

Last week I met up with Allison to take a few pictures of her and her boyfriend Ryan before prom; this isn’t something I do often but it was a nice change of pace, and it was nice to see them  both again (I took their photos last summer, you can see them here and here). I’ve also been keeping in touch with her little sister Vanessa, who babysat Violet last summer and who comes to sit for us from time to time when we need a night out 🙂 Allison looked beautiful in her handmade dress and low curly hair, and Ryan looked pretty great too in an all-white tux. Prom was so long ago for me I don’t really remember much about it except for the excitement of getting ready and walking in, but I hope that they had a wonderful time and I wish Ali all the best as she heads into this new adventure!

Enjoy a few from our quick session together below!

Have a great day!


Thanks so much!

Faith M. Riley Bell - GORGEOUS!

Julie Irene Narbonne Smith - Very lovely pictures!!

Dianne FLaglor Parlee - Beautiful!

Rachel Bradford - Wonderful pictures…so very beautiful Allison! Congratulations on the graduation!

Kathy Giberson - very nice pictures Allison beautiful young lady and of course young and handsome guy.

Abby Alice Evans - Stunning! It’s been a long time, you look gorgeous! (:

Deborah Copp - Wowsers! So beautiful, Allison!

Leah Nyssen - aw I love Allison, so beautiful.

Purebudget - These are beautiful pictures.You’ll want to capture this special time in their lives photographically, because they are learning who they will become in life, and that is an exciting time.

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