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“What’s in my Bag?” [January 2014 edition]

I’ve been meaning to create this post for awhile because the question does come up sometimes about what I shoot with. While this is not necessarily the ‘right’ combination, it’s what has worked for me and of course I’m always expanding and trying out new things gear-wise, but for the most part I try to […]

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My Favourites of 2013 | Couples

This. This is the good stuff right here. There’s nothing quite like photographing couples and people in love. These are the sessions where I would say ‘just one more’ about a million times and scream “you guys!!” when the moment was just right and when I knew some magic was happening. These are the sessions […]

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My favourites of 2013 | Maternity

Pregnant women are beautiful…is there much more that needs to be said? I absolutely love photographing maternity portraits, either alone or with a spouse and/or other children. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s romantic, it’s nerve-wracking, it’s effortlessly beautiful, it’s annoying, it’s painful, it’s one of the great moments in a person’s life, and I feel […]

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