My Favourites of 2013 | Newborns


Oh, newborns. The tiniest of clients and yet the majority of the time they are the most work! They are also the most rewarding in many ways. Newborn photography is an art and as I learned more about various newborn poses and styles over 2013, the more I fell in love with ALL of it…even getting peed on! And as I added more props, wraps and equipment to my arsenal, the more I just wanted to play. It’s quickly becoming a passion of mine and while I would never exclusively do newborn photography (I like photographing clients who are older than 14 days too!), I could definitely see myself wanting to do more and more. I’m hoping to incorporate studio lighting this year, and to include more parent and baby shots as well…I already have a few upcoming arrivals this winter so I will get to jump right back in, yay! 🙂

(Also, it’s funny but last year was the first year I felt like I was a bit too far removed from the whole ‘newborn phase and daze’, now that my kids are well out of babyhood. I still love talking to moms about their birth experiences, breastfeeding, and all that fun new mom stuff, but soon enough I won’t be able to relate…I already wonder how I ever got up in the middle of the night!)

Please enjoy some of my favourite images of Leah, Kit, Jonathan, Damien, Hannah, James, Cole, Addison, Fiona, Scarlett, Blair, Marla, Molly and Johanna (9 girls and 5 boys!)

(Many of these kids are part of my Baby’s 1st Year Plan, so it’s even more nuts to look back on them as newborns since most of them are approaching a year!)

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