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With the (slightly) warmer weather approaching, engagement sessions are beginning to show up in my calendar and I couldn’t be more excited! Photographing couples is one of my favourite things ever, and I have so many cool and beautiful couples getting married this year, I know it’s going to be amazing! Katelyn and Jeff will be getting married at Camp Glenburn in Kingston this coming June, and so we decided to contrast that environment with some photos in the city. Unfortunately it was late March and with the insane winter we had, there was still A LOT of snow on the ground. Luckily it wasn’t too cold so we were able to wander the city and avoid the snowbanks a little bit, but once we got to Rockwood Park it became obvious we would be limited in where we could go, due to the fact that if we stepped off the packed trails, we would sink up over our knees in snow! Sigh, so glad that’s all gone for now!

Katelyn and Jeff were so lovely to work with, and even though they claim that they had never had their photo taken together professionally, they were very natural in front of the camera, laughing and smiling the entire time. So looking forward to photographing them again in warmer weather, in the beautiful woods and on the beaches of Kingston!

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(Jeff’s last name is Penny, so Katelyn wanted to incorporate these ‘antiques’ into her ring shot…notice the 1986 and 1985 pennies? Their birth years) 🙂

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