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The flamingo is back, which means the garden is ready! 🙂 And things are starting to sprout up! It’s always so exciting, those first few weeks (months?) of a garden, still so neat and full of promise, and still plenty of energy left in the gardener (now come September it may be a different story, but we won’t worry about that for now…)

The weather has been very garden friendly lately (rain then sun then rain, then rain, then cloud, then rain…hmm, maybe we need a bit more sun?), so it has helped move things along quite nicely, hopefully it will continue!

So far everything except my herbs, onions seeds and carrots have sprouted. Oh, and the squash, I don’t think I can grow squash, hmm. Anyway, the green beans are doing better than the yellow (not sure why), peas are mostly up, a few cucumber plants, kale and spinach, green onion, pumpkin all doing well. The seedlings seem ok too, the corn has grown a lot already (yay!), but the tomato plants seem to have little white spots on their leaves already which I doubt is a good sign. Bugs seems to be mostly leaving things alone for now (a few slugs and ants but nothing major), and I’m constantly picking out rocks, so the soil will be nice eventually, right?! Oh, and I finally planted the potatoes so I may get a few come November, ha!

I feel a bit ‘behind’ other gardens right now (my parents are already harvesting beets and lettuce and their peas are climbing up the poles weeks ahead of mine), but it’s ok, things will come in their own time, that’s the fun part about a garden, it seems to take forever and then all of a sudden, boom, things sprout, things grow, things are ready for harvesting, just like that 🙂

Can’t wait to see if anything else pops up this week!

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(The flamingo had legs but Violet stole them and now they are lost in the yard somewhere…sigh, gardening with toddlers.)



Thanks so much!

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