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Oops! I have missed a couple of weeks already, man…weeks just fly by sometimes, you know? Anyway, the little garden has been growing, but SLOWLY, which I guess is why I haven’t been thinking about photographing it lately. I don’t know what it is this year, but the garden seems to have very little ‘oomph’. It’s there, it’s taking its time, and I’m becoming a bit less excited about it as time goes on (how sad!) But I’m pretty sure that come August and September I’ll be thankful that I kept at it, because I know that this little dirt patch will give us some food, if maybe not the huge supply I was dreaming of back in May.

To summarize: All my herbs are a bust including the dill which I thought would make it, the green onions and the corn seem to be the best growers (though the pumpkins are doing great too, something I’ very excited about), I re-planted some of the beans, kale and spinach that didn’t grow originally but haven’t seen any sprouts yet, and added 4 more carrots squares because those are the seeds I had most of, the green beans are doing well and the yellow beans are coming around, my puny little tomato plants surprised me this week by having actual little tomatoes on them and my carrots surprised me by growing at all, the peppers seem stunted, there is one cauliflower plant that is doing well and the others are working on it, and the peas have started wrapping themselves around the poles, but are still so little. Cucumbers are being eaten by something, as is the squash, but other than that pests don’t seem to be a problem (not even on the potatoes which are doing quite well and have already caught up to everything else…above ground anyway.)

After Arthur last weekend everything was quite soaked (drowned, actually) but after a week of no rain I’m looking forward to the garden getting a couple of soakings this week! Need to do some more re-planting and the weeding is constant (time for more mulch), but that’s about how it goes for summertime in the garden, no?

Grow babies grow!!

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