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0 It’s growing! After a pretty slow June and July, and me almost giving up, my little garden is starting to produce! It’s still a bit behind, but I actually checked my harvest dates and it’s on the longer side of growing times, but for the most part I think that it will be on track for most things.

Right now it’s mainly beans that I’m bringing it every night, along with a few kale snips and a few snacking peas (they are not doing nearly as well as I had hoped, but they are not ‘ready’ for another week or 2 so we’ll see if they perk up), and of course green onions whenever I need them. I also harvested one of my cauliflowers because it was way ahead of schedule and looked ready, going to be mashing it up for supper one of these evenings. The corn is growing tall, the cucumbers are starting to really take off (they are definitely past their ‘ready’ date but that’s ok, I can make pickles in the fall), tomatoes are getting bigger on the tiny plants, onions, leeks, carrots, dill, all progressing nicely, and peppers are finally starting to show some signs of growth, they aren’t stunted after all!

For the most part I haven’t had to water much, but I did run the sprinkler on the garden a few times when things started to look really dried out (peas especially), but all the thundershowers lately have been helping (I’m so lame, every time it rains in the evening I say ‘good for the garden’ to Dan like some old lady).

I’m having so much fun at this stage, going out with my basket and collecting food for supper, plucking a few weeds here and there (they have taken over but I’m ok with it), and generally babying everything while snacking away on a couple peas. Those 5-10 mins per evening are much needed for my stress levels and I’m looking forward to the next phase of this year’s gardening adventure: canning!



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Last week we also got a few new family members! 4 to be exact 🙂 After much procrastination I finally purchased a few laying hens from a lady in town. We named them after the Ninja Turtles because I needed interchangeable names and Victor loves it, he now calls himself Master Splinter and feeds them bread. They’ve gotten the ‘free range’ routine down and haven’t strayed too far yet, and they seem to be much more sociable and friendly than our 3 girls (Trixie, Dixie and Pixie) last year. These ones follow me around and I’ve ‘pet’ them a few times, I want to try and pick one up soon, but for the most part it just makes me smile seeing them in the yard (and the large white eggs aren’t bad either!)

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