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What can I even begin to say about our Violet Marie at 3 years old? For one, how is she 3 already?! I’m soooo happy that we are out of the toddler phase (no more toddlers EVER, yay!), but at the same time it’s hard to believe that those newborn, infant, baby and toddler years are behind us for good and that we are heading into a whole new world of ‘kids’. Just kids. And boy, is this little lady a kid! Adventurous still, crazy still, but I think that she has actually calmed down a bit (either that or we are just used to the wildness!) She’s so sweet, so funny, so cute, and honestly our time with her is getting better and better every day.

In the past 6 months or so Violet has really taken off in her speech (a bit behind like her brother but catching up quickly!), but she’s smart like her brother too, knowing all her letters and numbers. She’s mixing French and English together, which is ok, but seems to know which to use with who. She has quick bursts of interest in things, but right now she’s into Hello Kitty, Kinder Eggs (obsessed with them is a better term), the Disney Princesses (but not really into the movies yet), puzzles and legos. After a bit of fear about how long it would take she finally decided to stop wearing diapers (hello, that’s HUGE, no more diapers!), and she loves going to my parents’ farm to feed the animals. She wrestles with Victor constantly but they play together all the time too, it’s so nice seeing how they get along and how they can entertain each other for long periods of time…having them 19 months apart is starting to pay off 😉 She’s still super cuddly (something her brother is starting to shy away from, sigh), loooooves her dad, throws fits like no one else can, has a crazy high pitched scream and Ernie-like “keeheeheekee” laugh, a mess of hair that won’t part no matter what I do, pretty pretty blue eyes like her dad, and that same zest for life she’s had since the moment she came bursting into this world. We love her, even though we still don’t know where she came from! <3

Taking her 3 year photos was…interesting. My kids are pretty much immune to my camera tricks so no matter what I do they won’t look or listen when it comes to photo shoots. We did these photos out in the woods behind my parents’ house on Thanksgiving weekend and she was NOT into it at all, she just wanted to be near her dad or sulk, so the images are few, but it’s representative of life with a 3-year old I guess! (And of course there are a few shots of my beau garçon too, he needs a photo session all to himself someday!)

[Crocheted fox hat by Sparkle and Fizz Creations]

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Feeding the goats at grand papa’s farm, a favourite activity.

You can see more of Violet over the years here at her newborn, 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, 1 year, 18-month, 2 year and 2.5 year sessions. I’m so grateful to have all these images of my baby, they are still all up in her room, I dread the day I’ll have to take them down!



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