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This is one of those posts that I almost don’t want to put up due to vanity, but I’ve seen other photographers (like Kandise) put up ‘behind the scenes’ images from her past wedding seasons and I thought that it was so neat so I decided to make a conscious effort to take a few myself this past year (it was also the first season that I could do this because I was finally working with an assistant who could take a few shots of me too!) I like to think that I look elegant and cool while working in beautiful outfits, but truth is I look anything but; usually squatting, usually with my shirt all bunchy and hair frizzy, no make-up due to fear of it melting off (can people please get married when it’s cooler?! haha, kidding…kinda), but I guess it’s good that I’m too focused on working to notice or bother with how I look while working. I’m so appreciative of everyone who has let me come into their world to do what I love, and I can’t wait to share many more special days with my 2015 couples!

Big thanks to my 4 assistants this year; Molly, Jenna, Glenn and Sara (who did half of them with me and was the perfect mother hen, always keeping track of things for me…ahem, lens caps…and who has become essential to my success, she can never leave me!)

Enjoy a few ‘behind the scenes’ peeks from my 2014 wedding season!

2 3 4

2014-the year I attempted the sock bun (with relative success…)

5 6 7

2014: the year of the grey work pants (so hard to find ones that work well!)


Sara: expert fence leaner-oner. 9 10

I warned her it was a physical job, but she probably didn’t expect branch breaking in her list of duties…

11 12

Family and sweater wrangler…

13 14 15 16 17

“Hey, kid, look here!”


Armed and dangerous 😉 19 20 21 22

By the last wedding of the year, Sara had loosened up with her light testing poses…

23 24 25 26

Cutie Jenna getting flashed.

27 28 29

As you can see, Glenn loved being my location tester for family formals…

30 31

So did Molly 😉

(“Sometimes I get the feeling they aren’t listening to me” <–Serial reference)


Always squatting or kneeling…

33 34


No shoes? No problem (also the shot below is probably the best photo of me ever, ha!)



Sara was so good with any kids that were around.

36 37 38 39 40 41

Me being a creeper.


Glenn: official golf cart driver for Genevieve Flynn Photography.

And a couple of Instagrams/cell phone images…it’s fun to love what you do 🙂


Have a  great day!



Thanks so much!

Kandise - Yay I love behind the scenes! I feel like I regressed on my ability to do a sock bun, it’s hard! Great outfits 😀

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