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A Mother

The “A Mother’s Body” project is a photography project aiming to normalize, highlight and celebrate mothers’ bodies of all sizes, shapes and stages of motherhood.  


“I’m a mother of an 11 week old baby girl. My body was her home for almost 40 weeks and it’s still giving her all the vitamins and nutrition she needs in her life. My body changed during pregnancy and is still changing and will continue changing as I age.”

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“My body made me being able to give birth to that little perfect human being and I’m very grateful for it. When I look at myself in a mirror I see that my body went through the pregnancy journey and I wouldn’t want it any different.”

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“I’m proud of my body and myself. My life changed and my body is just another proof of it. I’m the happiest I could be and have been. I just love being a mom.”

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“I want to raise my daughter being confident and proud of her body.

EveryBODY is perfect in their own way.”




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