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Baby Leo! | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

Oh my goodness, baby Leo was an absolute joy to work with! You’ll notice that in most of the photos he’s actually awake, which I don’t want to say I’m ‘against’, I just find that newborns are generally tough to photograph awake for many reasons, but with this little guy! His facial expressions were just […]

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Erin & Jason | Country Wedding [Waterford, NB]

My one and only wedding in Sussex this year (out of 17, crazy!) took place out in Waterford at an absolutely gorgeous farm and property nestled under The Bluff, with 2 of the nicest people around, Erin and Jason. The weather ended up being perfect (I love that it’s starting to cool down), the atmosphere […]

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Baby Claire! | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

Newborn photography is 100% unpredictable; you can prepare as much as possible, have the perfect environment and do everything ‘right’, and sometimes things still just don’t work out how you want. They are, after all, their own little people and they ultimately decide what’s happening. And with Claire, we just chose the wrong day. She was […]

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