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A few weekends ago Dan and I stepped in front of the camera again for a quick photoshoot with my friend, Joni Burtt. She is a lifestyle photographer from the Fredericton area and actually a former client (from way back in 2012!) She is INSANELY talented and has such a unique style (she does a lot of freelensing, which just baffles me), and has developed quite the following in several photography forums/groups. She’s so freakin’ talented that she was contacted by Lensbaby for a commission for their website (that’s HUGE), and had a model call for couples. Jumping at any chance for more photos of my love and I, I messaged her and we were lucky enough that she chose us. All of these images were shot with a Lensbaby Composer Edge 80, which causes that crazy blur and distortion (again, such a unique look!)

The session was done in an abandoned house in Norton, and although it was quite chilly we had a great (but quick!) time. These images are totally unlike the ones we had done by Shannon-May in 2012 and by Sean in 2014, and I love the variety we now have (and how much we have aged in less than 2 years, yikes!)

Joni will be offering a workshop in April for Beyond the Wanderlust, if you are interested in learning more about lifestyle photography and capturing your children in a unique, magical way, please follow her page for more information (and just for general blurry goodness).

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(And of course, it goes without saying, but Dan is the best for putting up with ANOTHER photo session. Love this patient man.)



Thanks so much!

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