Vanessa is Beautiful! | Sussex, NB Portrait Photographer


How to feel really old: when your babysitter asks you for modelling shots but you have a hard time picturing it because isn’t she just 14 years old? Oh wait, she babysat 4 summers ago, she’s now 18! *end scene*

Vanessa came into our lives when Violet was just a baby in 2012 and I needed some extra help around the house (and really, while I was trying to run the 1st full year of my business), and we’ve been lucky enough to keep in touch over the years. She’s a super sweet girl and has grown up into a real beauty, so when she asked me for some headshots/model shots (and some shots of her new tattoo), I was quick to say yes…in exchange for a new date nights out with Dan 🙂

It was fun really honing in on poses and studio lighting, and she did great, I would love to do more sessions like this in the future, so get in touch grads, models, ladies, gents, anyone!

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Thanks so much!

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