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Being self-employed, I don’t have coworkers in the traditional sense; I have my assistant Sara who helps me at weddings, but that’s only 12-15 days a year; I have someone who comes and does my albums for me, but that’s a freelance job that doesn’t involve me much…for the most part, I work alone. And for the most part, I really enjoy it. It is always nice, though, to have others around you who you can talk to about work, work-life balance, frustrations, accomplishments and ways to improve; luckily for me over the past couple of years I’ve been a part of a local group of ladies with whom I can do all these things and I’m so grateful for that! On top of our semi-regular meet-ups to chat business and life, a few of us have been meeting this summer for ‘workshops’ to practice specific things we would like to improve. It’s been amazing.

Shannon-May (of Shannon-May Photography), Carla (of Enchanted Hill Photography) and I met up a couple weeks ago for one of these workshops, this time to practice bridal portraits, an area where I feel like I could use a lot of improvement! We decided to keep it as ‘real’ as possible, so we actually each asked one of our former or future brides to come model for us, in their dresses, so that we could make it as close to an actual wedding day as possible (models are wonderful, but they are models and take a lot of the work away from us). These girls-Hayley (my bride!), Rachel and Celia did make our jobs awfully easy though, they were so wonderful to work with!! We were also so fortunate that Pampered by Patience did hair and make-up for us, she did an amazing job, and Shannon-May whipped up a gorgeous natural bouquet and floral crown for us to use. We first shot some indoor portraits at Carla’s studio, making use of ‘ugly’ interiors with sketchy lighting, and then headed out to the Irving Nature Park for a few outdoor portraits in harsh light. It was so fun to watch the other girls work and to learn a few tips and tricks along the way, I’m very proud of the images I created, even though I still have a lot to learn, I feel much more confident heading into bridal portraits in the future.

Here are a few (lots) of the shots from our afternoon together, and a few BTS shots at the end of the girls working their magic 🙂

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