Changes for 2017 at Genevieve Flynn Photography

Happy new year! I know we are well into January now (how did that happen?!), but since my kids only went back to school on Tuesday, I feel like the year has only just started for me work-wise, so please pardon my tardiness! I know you are all probably sooooo over the “goals and changes” posts, but bear with me for just one more, OK?


So, of course this is the time of year for reflection (and grand proclamations) and lately I have been doing a lot of reflecting. You see, 2016 (at least the second half), was a strange time for me; although everything was going great, the kids were in school and therefore I had a ton more time to work, I crushed my deadlines and kept on top of my work, never really felt stressed, by November I was just feeling…off. It always happens at the end of the year but this year the feeling was much stronger and more persistent (I’m still feeling it to be honest). It’s a feeling that I need to change, I need to grow.

The past 6 (!) years have been amazing for me and my new career but somewhere along the way I got stuck, both in my artistic growth, as well as in the momentum of my business. I wasn’t necessarily doing what I wanted anymore, I was doing what was comfortable and what worked. And, I’m realizing, it was slowly making me not enjoy it anymore.

Now, I don’t want this to sound like I’m complaining (especially about my clients) because I don’t want anyone to think I’m not appreciative of their support; I know for a fact that I am insanely lucky (and, ugh I hate to use this word, #blessed) to be doing this–to work for myself at a pursuit that I’m passionate about…I know that the majority of people don’t get to live this way. But, the tragically beautiful thing about being a ‘creative’ is that the pursuit of creativity is intricately tied to the happiness of the creator; in other words, if I don’t love what I do, the art (/work) will suffer (and so will my life). It’s not like a plumber or accountant; if they aren’t in love with what they do the spreadsheets will still look the same, the toilet will still be unclogged (though I’m sure the quality of their work will suffer as well in some aspect). And, I’m sure to most people looking at my work, it hasn’t suffered but to me, the passion behind it has.

So, all this to say that…

for real,


(I mean it this time),

I’m changing my business.

Ok, so what does that mean?

  • It means that I’m shifting the focus of my business over to what I love, which means weddings, engagements, married couples (more on this in a second), and newborns. The gradual shift away from babies, kids and families will be finalized and all other types of random sessions (extended families, events) will be scrapped completely.
  • Along with this, my branding will reflect only what I intend to shoot; kids, families and maternity sessions will no longer be featured on my website or blog (though I will still occasionally shoot them).
  • I’m still debating how to share on social media but I know that my blogging will be reduced dramatically to only a select few sessions and weddings that reflect my work and the direction I want to move in. This will save me a lot of time and I will attract more of what I hope to do. I will no longer be blogging anything that is not newborns, weddings and engagements or couples.
  • As for studio work, I will only be taking on a few Baby’s 1st Year clients and return clients only for 1-year sessions or cake smashes. (These will also be reduced to so many per year so please book ahead!)
  • Family sessions will only occur at my annual mini session date (aiming for Fall this year) and again, will only be available to return clients unless the spots cannot be filled in which case I’ll open them up to new clients. I looooove seeing my old clients at these sessions so I definitely want to extend the opportunity to them first (if you’ve come to see me for these, thank you so much!)
  • I will be introducing EMBRACE SESSIONS, a new type of session for married couples. It’s an idea I’ve had in my head for a while and I’m very excited for its launch next month. Married couples (and marriage in particular) has been taking up more and more space in my mind and heart lately so I’ve finally decided to invest my time and energy into it. I will probably write a post on it soon (and hopefully a series on marriage as well…in fact I’d like to write more in general.)
  • I will still be doing the A Mother’s Body project this year (Year 3!), so if you are interested in this please get in touch with me soon (it will be in late March or early April.)
  •  My poor neglected boudoir business,  Bare Branch Boudoir is something that I also want to invest more time into this year; I love this type of photography and would love to get back into it…perhaps another model call or contest is an order? (Please check out my FB page as it will be home base for any announcement related to boudoir.)
  • I will be teaching a Photography Basics Workshop next week and hope to teach more in the future! I love teaching and hope to develop a few new classes this year.

Other than that I’m just really hoping to follow my heart a bit more with my photography, as corny as that sounds (I’m currently reading Big Magic so I’m all about the pursuit of creativity and living my most creative life, #sorrynotsorry). As I get older and realize more and more concretely who I am as a person, I want to honour that with my one wild and precious life by trusting in it and taking the risks to get where I want to go.

I’m not sure how successful I will be at any of this, but I’m now fortunate enough to be in a place in life where I can at least try…so try I will.

(If you made it this far through my moody landscapes, congrats!)

Be back next week with “Best of 2016” posts, stay tuned!


Thanks so much!

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