BEST OF 2016 | ENGAGEMENTS [New Brunswick Engagement Photographer]

This one is for the lovers. For the smiles, the laughs, the hands (that communicate SO much), the eyes-opened and closed-, the awkwardness, the cuddles, the nose crinkles and nose squishes, the bear hugs, the passion, the jokes, the quiet, the walks, the romance, the exploration, the memories, the short and the long relationships of every kind, it’s EVERYTHING. It’s one of the greatest treasures in life, to have someone to hold-I believe that with my whole heart and capturing the love between 2 people feels like a purpose to me. Maybe a bit corny, maybe a bit overly sentimental, but that’s me, and this is them.

It was a great 2016, and I can’t wait for 2017!


Thanks so much!

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