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Looking back on the 2016 wedding season, I can only think one thing: I was in the groove. I say this not as a #humblebrag, but as an acknowledgment of this amazing year with so many beautiful people who allowed me to really flow in the rhythm of weddings; of noticing the tiny moments, the little details, the big exclamations, the fun, the tears, the romance, the light, all of the elements that make up the best day ever. Without the extra effort of travel (all my weddings this year were local to Saint John, no further than 45 mins away), I enjoyed my own back yard with weddings in gorgeous locations, reminding me that we needn’t go far to be surrounded by beauty here in NB. And the couples. Oh the couples, kind and wonderful people all, treating me as well as can be imagined and giving me their everything. I try never to take advantage of what they give me, and I make sure to give it all back.

2016, you were groovy.

Now, I don’t like playing favourites (like a mother with her children), but if I had to choose a set of image that best represents my style as a wedding photographer, it would be these two images of Krista and Josh from my very first wedding of the year. They were taken at sunset in SJ, and I was using my brand new Sigma 35mm lens, and they simply nailed it. I have these printed in my studio, featured on my blog…if you want to know what I try to shoot at a wedding (among many many other things)…it’s this feeling right here.

Here’s to 2017!



Thanks so much!

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