Angela | New Brunswick Portrait Photographer

Way back at the end of October, when most of the leaves were gone, it was cool and crisp and GORGEOUS out (so many brown and yellow tones), I had a just-for-fun session with Angela, who makes a lot of my newborn props. We had wanted to play around a bit together, I wanted to practice my portrait work and she was looking for a boho-inspired session for herself (yes girl!), so we made it happen and it was so fun! We almost cancelled because I wanted strong sun but in the end I love how the sun just peeked through from time to time, it was hazy and delicious. She did a great job and I had fun trying to shoot a little differently than my norm, and also edit a bit differently too, some grittier and grainier (can you notice it  here?)

I need more of these types of sessions in my life, so if you are ever interested in a style session, please let me know!


Thanks so much!

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