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After sharing my favourite personal 15 images from 2015, I decided to keep the tradition going by sharing my favourite 16 images from 2016; what I’m finding as I look through my personal work is that while I do still aim to get creative portraits of my kids and my husband from time to time, really, in the end, it’s the simple portraits that I love the most. They might not be the prettiest images to look at and they may seem flat or uninteresting to other artists, but as I look back on them now, the feelings and memories prove to me that these photographs don’t have to be the best in the world, they just have to be real.

I want to remember the kids at these ages (5-turning-6 and 4-turning-5, the best ages EVER); I want to remember Dan’s aging process and how he looks straight through the camera at me; I want to remember where we went for our adventures; I want to remember the simple moments we had at home; I want to remember what our house and yard looked like; I want to remember the trips and vacations; I want to remember our life in the best possible light (literally).

I want to remember it all.

Here we are, my favs, month by month…














And 4 extra favs just for fun 🙂


Thanks so much!

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