Introducing EMBRACE sessions

“I am consumed by you. You are my perfection. You are my home.”


As I mentioned in my previous post about changes this year, I’ve been working on creating a new type of session for my clients, something a bit different and something that I’m very passionate about: I’m calling them “EMBRACE sessions”. I’m not going to say that this idea is 100% original or mine; these type of sessions have become a bit trendy online over the past 6 months or so, but they just so happen to fit in perfectly with what I want to focus my creative efforts into going forward: capturing the connection and love between 2 people, especially married people who may not automatically think to have photos taken of themselves.

Simply put-preserving, kindling, capturing love.



So, what is an EMBRACE session?

An EMBRACE session (or ‘intimate lifestyle’ session) is a type of session where the main focus is (re)connecting with your partner and capturing your unique and special relationship through images (and perhaps, in the future, video). It happens (for the most part) in your home or other intimate space, and is meant as an inward reflection of your relationship, not an outward display. It’s casual, it’s fun, it’s deep, and it’s an investment in yourselves as a couple.



How is an EMBRACE session different than an engagement or portrait session?

EMBRACE sessions are different than typical engagement or couple sessions because the focus of the session is not to create images for others to see, they are created for you to feel. What I capture is meant to be looked back on over the years to make you feel how you did at that very moment in time with your partner. It takes place in your home, not an outside location, and the vibe is meant to be more causal, while at the same time the connection is meant to be much deeper. You won’t be looking at the camera, or ‘posing’ in the traditional sense, you won’t be out in a field in your best outfits and you won’t be using the images for invitations or christmas cards (though I would love it if you did!) They are tangible manifestations of your feelings for one another, at whatever stage of life you are in; passionate lovers, young newlyweds, frazzled parents of little ones, career-minded go-getters, or mature and confident empty nesters, I want to be there for you at any and all stages. Another major different with these EMBRACE sessions is that they are meant for ALL couples; in fact, I really want the bulk of these sessions to be done by older, already married couples, as I feel extremely strongly that married couples should have their photos done regularly without their children (if they have any). After all, you are a couple first, parents second.

(I definitely walk the walk when it comes to this; you can see here, and here, and here, and here.)



Why should we do an an EMBRACE session?

An EMBRACE Session should be treated as a gift and an investment to yourselves, rather than something that is being created for others (though we will get into why that is important as well). These images are meant to be looked back on and to make you remember exactly how you felt about each other at that time in your relationship; how he held you, how she smelled, how you laughed, how you loved. The little physical and emotional details that you might not even realize are there, I want to show them to you. And, despite everything that life throws your way, you will always be able to go back to these images and feel wanted, needed, safe, loved. If you have been together a while or have been married for a few (or several) years, you may feel like there’s no point in having these types of photos done; after all, it’s not a wedding, anniversary, birthday or other special occasion, so why bother?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Do it as a celebration that you’ve gotten this far in your marriage (not something that is common these days)
  • Do it because you are probably more comfortable with each other now than when you were at your wedding (and you’re not in front of a few-or many-friends and family members)
  • Do it to show how you both have aged and changed since your early days (this is a good thing!)
  • Do it for your present (or future) kids to show them just how happy their parents were together (they might not care now but trust me they will when they are older)
  • Do it for the experience of having some un-interrupted time together to focus on your relationship
  • Do it for yourselves


But we don’t have a big/clean/nice/whatever house, can we still do an EMBRACE session?

YES, we can 100% do an EMBRACE session in your home no matter how ‘imperfect’ you may think it is! It’s your personal space, your home where you are most comfortable together, and that’s all that matters to me. We don’t need a ton of space, we don’t need any special furniture or props, just a few areas near some natural light where you can snuggle and hang out. Be prepared to use your home in a different way, however; meaning, be ready to sit on the floor, the stairs, or to cuddle on your kitchen counters!



When will EMBRACE sessions be available?

I’m currently shooting portfolio images for these types of sessions but I am available for booking NOW! It’s the perfect time of year for shooting inside (no freezing outside in the dirty snow) and for the next few months I’ll offering them at an introductory price of 400$ + tax (you can find more information here).


If you are interested, please get in touch!

Stay tuned, I will be posting my 1st EMBRACE session very soon (featuring the lovely tattooed couple you see here), can’t wait to share exactly what I’m trying to capture!


Thanks so much!

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