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“Community, not Competition”

I’ve mentioned my appreciation for my ‘tribe’ of ladies here before on the blog, but it bears repeating again: I feel so fortunate to be a part of a local group of women photographers who come together semi-regularly to chat business, life, balance, stresses, equipment, marketing, tech-stuff, money stuff, communication, and every single thing in between. I’ve learned a lot from all of them, have felt lifted up by them in low times, and love helping those who are a bit younger in their business journey than I am (crazy to think that me, at 6 years in business, am ‘seasoned’!) Anyway, on top of just meeting up to chat, we decided to start meeting up for ‘workshops’ or creative projects to help boost our spirits in slow/low times, and to learn something new since we all specialize in different things. A couple weeks ago we met in Miranda’s amazing studio to play with natural light and ‘glamour’ posing to do some head shots for each other. It was super fun, I really enjoy this type of photography and would love to do more of it one day (in a future dream studio perhaps??)

I wanted to share a few images from our morning together and introduce you to (a few) lovely ladies from our group! Be sure to check them all out, they are all super talented!

Carla | Enchanted Hill Photography (NEWBORNS) | Facebook

Shannon-May (yes, both names!) | Shannon-May Photography (WEDDINGS) | Facebook

Brittany | Valley Photography (WEDDINGS, PORTRAITS) | Facebook

Stephanie | Pristine Photography (PORTRAITS) | Facebook

Miranda | Miranda O’Leary Photography (WEDDINGS, PORTRAITS) | Facebook



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