EMBRACE Memory Box

Over the past 6 years of being a photographer, I’ve offered several products to my clients to help them preserve and present their images; traditional prints, mounted prints, albums, canvases, etc, all with the end goal of getting your memories off of the computer and into your lives. This is something that most of us are guilty of doing: storing the thousands of photos that we take with cell cameras or real ones either on our phone or computer (or in cyber space), never letting them see the light of day. This is such a shame because I know that for most people, the images that we tend to remember the most (like the ones from our childhood) are the ones that we see on the wall, or in an album, or in our physical hands and not on a screen.  I’ve tried over the years to print as much as I can (I do 4 albums per year, plus I try to print a few prints for our home as well), and I’ve never once regretted the time or money spent in creating these items for myself and my kids.

Memories of our relationships deserve better, they deserve to be shown and remembered by our present selves and admired by future generations.

With my new EMBRACE sessions, I wanted to offer something a little different, and ended up with what I’m calling (tentatively) an “Embrace Box” (original I know). These boxes harken back to the days of keeping notes, movie stubs, and other memorabilia celebrating a relationship all in one special place (I remember creating one for my first serious boyfriend, it was s shoebox covered in tissue paper and collaged with his name on top-oh my…) I wanted to re-create that sense of new/young love, specialness and a bit of secrecy, and I think that this box accomplishes all of that. A beautiful 5X7 solid wood box with slide off printed lid, these boxes are not only a place to store little love trinkets, but also a place to hold special images from your session; 25 images in total, 22 of which are presented in an on-trend square shape, reminiscent of an Instagram photo (and ready to hang on a wire, for example), and 3 full size mounted images, ready to be taken out and placed on your shelves, adhered to your fridge with magnets or wall with sticky tabs. This would be a great place to store your little love notes to each other over the year, or your date night ideas, or anniversary cards, anything that reminds you or your relationship and special love with each other.

Here are a few images of a sample box I created using Molly and Joe’s images;  I LOVE how it turned out and would love to offer them to my special EMBRACE couples; if you are interested please get in touch!


Thanks so much!

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