Fitness Portraits | Lisa [Sussex, NB Portrait Photographer]

So, I have a confession: I’m a wannabe ‘fitness girl’. Over the past 3-4 years I’ve been getting more and more into fitness (the exercise element anyway, the ‘healthy eating’ thing has eluded and frustrated me forever), and over the past year I’ve started going to the gym more and more. I love circuit classes, HIIT, anything that forces me to move this body that sits in front of a computer or on the couch for WAY too many hours in a day. I follow a few Snapchat/IG fitness girls, admire bums and strong arms, and wanna have jacked arms…yep, the whole fitness world is something I can see myself getting into later on in life (especially since I’m a big fan of leggings, lol.) So, when Lisa, owner and badass instructor of our local gym GoTrain Sussex messaged me about a fitness portrait session, I was ALL in. She wanted a few images in her gym, doing a few workout moves along with some portraits showing off her amazing body (#bodygoals), and if I only ever shot sessions like this from now, I’d be super happy (she said I could be an instructor since I kept telling her ‘one more, one more!’) So, beachbody coaches, gym instructors, anyone proud of their strength and progress, PLEASE get in touch and let’s work it together!


Thanks so much!

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