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So excited to be sharing these! Last month I had the chance to photograph a real-life, truly, 100% “ole married couple”. And I say that with the utmost respect, happiness and excitement, because this is exactly what I want my EMBRACE sessions to be; I want the people who are already on their path together to take a moment out of their busy, crazy (and mostly kid-filled) lives to focus on just themselves and what brought them together in the first place; I want it to be about them, their marriage and their love. It’s somewhat easy to draw out that giddiness and lovey-dovey-ness in newly engaged or dating couples, but to see how it has matured and changed in a couple who has been together for 3,5,10 (or 15!) years, that’s what I want to observe and capture. Sarah and Dan are the perfect example of that: they’ve been together a long long time and with the exception of family photos, they have never had images of just the two of them taken. So I joined them in their (gorgeous) home one morning to see what I could see. I loved the subtle touches of ‘real life’ all around them (the Easter decorations for the kids, the dog Taco chewing on a bone in the corner), I loved hearing about how they met and how their stories differed a little bit (they always do!), I loved Dan’s uncertainty of the whole thing but the being drawn in by Sarah’s laugh, I loved how they joked about falling asleep on the bed (that is parent talk right there!), I loved how they placed their hands, and how got closer and closer as the session ended so that when we got outside, they were rocking it. Many many years in, they are still rocking it.

****I asked them some questions about their marriage, you can see the answers below!****

-Ages: 34 (both)

-Number of years married: 7

-Number of years together: going on 16

-Number of children and their ages: Holden (5) Oliver (7)

-Ages when married: 27 (both)

  1. Describe your wedding day.

Our wedding day was perfect; it was such an incredible day- it felt as if we had thrown a backyard party with all of our closest friends and family! Some of our favourite memories include: the sand ceremony, cell phones ringing during the ceremony, mini burgers and  a special guest (you know who you are!) skinny dipping in the pool to end a perfect evening. We chose July 2 as our wedding date as we celebrate our ‘dating’ anniversary on July 1st, this date coincides with our first ‘real date’ outside of the skateboard park; also fireworks to celebrate!

 2. What are your hopes and dreams for the future of your marriage?

Our hope is to grow old together and to share as many adventures, laughs and create as many, many, many more memories.

 3.  Why do you think that so many marriage fail?

Marriage is challenging, not every moment will be filled with magic and rainbows; understanding this from the outset is important. Communication is key, listen with your whole heart, be open and honest with each other and your self.

 4. Has having children (if applicable) affected your marriage, and how?

Yes- absolutely! The love and connection is amplified beyond belief; it is hard to explain until you are in that moment; being a parent is the most amazing; challenging and rewarding adventure to date; I am so lucky to have an awesome partner to help guide me through the uncharted territory of parenthood.

5. How much of a priority is your marriage at this point in your life? (Be honest.)

Marriage is an absolute priority at this point in our lives; it is the anchor.

6. Has marriage been what you imagined?

Not at all; I mean have you watched any romantic comedies; I thought it was all sex, candles, fast cars and dinner dates- reality check !

Marriage for us is about partnership, adventures, choosing happiness and each other each and everyday.

7. What has changed in your relationship since getting married? Have you changed?

Parenthood has definitely had an impact on our marriage and brought us closer together as a team; you have to be a team when conquering the various ages and stages of children and I am so lucky to have Sarah as a partner!!

Since getting married I believe I now understand how to love more deeply and appreciate the moments that each day brings, I look forward to what the next brings.

8. What makes a good marriage?

Communication; laughter and adventures!




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