Personal | Behind the Scenes-Wedding Season 2016

Last weekend I kicked off my 2017 wedding season (yay!) and as I took the 4,597th photo of my assistant Sara for a ‘light test’, I suddenly remembered that I forgot to share the “Behind the Scene” images from last season! I love seeing BTS stuff, so it’s always fun (embarrassing? funny? awful?) to see how I look while at work, and to highlight all the fun things that Sara (and sometimes Glenn) does for me.

So, without further ado, a look back at the 2016 wedding season, from behind the lens…(and yep I still need to share my Favourite wedding images from 2016, working on it!)

She loves dresses…


She loves babies…


The look on my face 80% of the time (panicking/thinking about what to do next…)


Working vs. slacking off…


He loves working with me…


Most awkward shooting position award goes to…me (ugh.)


(Mostly cell phone shots, pardon the quality!)

She loves holding the light(s)…


Despite the look on my face I actually LOVE photographing weddings and spending the day with my couples!! It’s an amazing job,


Thanks so much!

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