Bonnie and Bear | Waterford, NB Engagement Photographer

Back in the muggy, buggy and hot days of August, I met up with Bonnie and her beau Bear (which I think is the coolest couple’s name ever!), for an engagement session. Bear had popped the question to Bonnie while they were back home visiting her family, and so those new-engagement/wedding shock feelings were still very new and fun, and we had a blast going all around Waterford, taking in its natural beauty and chatting all things wedding (they weren’t sure what type of wedding they were going to have or where they were going to have it, but secretly I was hoping they would come back to NB to do it…good news is that they decided to have a good old-fashion Sussex party and asked me to join them, I’m so thrilled!)

(Oh, also, I hope their wedding hashtag is #bobearwedding)


Thanks so much!

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