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Before the holidays I met little Leah and her parents, and she is a perfect example of why I’ve stopped saying no to ‘older’ newborns (babies over 14 days).

Back when I first started newborn photography I didn’t know the ideal age to photograph newborns so I would photograph infants at any age (6 weeks, 8 weeks, 5 weeks, etc) and quickly learned that they were technically not ‘newborns’ in terms of photography (needless to say those shots did not turn out that well). As time went by I became very strict with what ages I would photograph and would only photograph them if they were asleep, but now that I have several years of experience with these magical little humans I’ve become more confident in photographing them a bit older, and in any state, awake or asleep (or in between). Leah was 4 weeks old when she came in so I explain to her mom that a) the session would probably take longer than usual (stretching into 4 hours), and that b) we might not be able to get all the same photos that we would with a younger newborn as they begin to change in very significant ways after 2 weeks (mainly that they begin to wake up for much longer periods of time and they become much less bendy). We were patient with her, photographed her through her awake phases, and worked with her abilities to get her into the poses, and I’m SO glad that we stuck through it because even though we may have gotten fewer variations, I was still able to provide them with a full gallery (including parent shots!) So, as much as I love photographing them at their ideal age, both for their comfort and my efficiency for the parents, I’ll never say no to an older baby. I’m so glad I didn’t say no to her <3

Everyone, meet Leah.


Thanks so much!

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