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Along with photographing brand new little souls, I also love photographing them with those who love them most (or, at least, will eventually love them most). Watching the various reactions of the older siblings to their new little brother or sister is always interesting; I find that the ones who are under 18 months have no reaction whatsoever because they are still too little themselves to realize what’s going on; from 18 months to around 3 is the ‘unpredictable’ age, because you never know how they will respond to the idea of their sibling or of taking photos, or listening, or sitting still…it’s a bit chaotic. Then for the ones over 3 it’s usually nice since they are excited, helpful and old enough to follow a bit of direction. Now, usually the siblings who come into my studio fall into that ‘chaotic’ age group, but I try to make it as relaxing and non-stressful for the older child (and parents!) as possible, and will never force a sibling into something they really don’t want to do, or put the poor little newborn at risk (those poor 2nd-3rd kids, they get tossed around, haha!) Family photos are always interesting to try but So satisfying when they work out, and parent shots still remain some of my favourite shots ever…I swoon seeing a couple cuddled up with their littlest love, there’s nothing like this special time with a newborn, whether it’s your first or fifth.

Families, growing and changing, it’s the absolute best <3

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