BEST OF 2017-ENGAGEMENT | New Brunswick Engagement Photographer

My favorites of the favourites, my all time love, the thing I would photograph solely for the rest of my days…couples. I feel like such a broken record but the longer I do this the more it becomes cemented in my heart and  in my mind that photographing the connection between 2 people who are in love is what I’m meant to do. 2017 gave me lots to work with, with couples of all kinds, and emotions both big and subtle to capture. I’m constantly chasing that swooning feeling, and I’m so thankful that couples allow me to chase it with them.

Happy Lovers Day.

*Click “Play” on slideshow, and to make it ever better, click the little speaker icon for music in the bottom right hand corner*

PS-Not into slideshows? See the individual images HERE.


Thanks so much!

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