ANJ & COLIN | Frozen Lake Winter Wedding [McAdam, New Brunswick]

The wedding season got off to an early and unexpected start for me this year; when I first got Colin’s call last fall asking whether I would be free for a small wedding in March, I was curious and a bit confused…who gets married in March in the Maritimes? It’s not exactly a typical wedding month, but after getting to know Colin and his love Angela (Anj), I quickly learned that there was nothing typical about them.  They had a totally unique and magical day suited to them, and I’m still thinking about how special it was.

The entire day was centered around (literally) a lake on the outskirts of McAdam (where Anj is from-and so is coincidentally my husband Dan!) They wanted to get married ON the lake, outdoors in a place where they spent so much time as a couple, and everything else would just revolve around that. Bad weather? Change the date. No ice? Do it on the shore. Guests too cold? They can watch from indoors. They had a vision for what they wanted and I’m so happy that it all worked out for them; not only did it work out, it was probably the most magically ‘winter’ day you could ever have asked for! Not too cold, not much wind, with a ton of beautiful, huge fluffy snow falling on and off all day long (it was the week/weekend of those 3 crazy nor’easters we got, but the timing was perfect for guest travel).

They kept everything super simple but added their own special twists on the day, incorporating fun old-world traditions (log sawing and drinking from a 2-cupped goblet), and modern fun (snowmobiles and tractors abound!) Family and friends gathered, simple food was served inside a warm and cozy cabin while snow fell on the lake…and these two, oh how these two love each other, above all else that’s what I noticed. Totally head over heels, giggly and cuddly love, I couldn’t have asked for a better group to spend the day with.

These are the kinds of days I want to photograph, over and over and over again (as long as I have a good pair of boots.)

Couple: Anj Sangster ad Colin Gandy

Ceremony Location: Palfrey Lake, McAdam, NB

Reception Location: Palfrey Lake Lodge, McAdam, NB

Photo Locations: McAdam Train Station & Palfrey Lake, NB


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