A Mother’s Body | Jordan-Leigh’s Story

The “A Mother’s Body” project is a photography project aiming to normalize, highlight and celebrate mothers’ bodies of all sizes, shapes and stages of motherhood.

  Welcome to Year 3!

My body and I have never gotten along. I would dread to be naked , wear shorts or even a swimsuit. When I discovered I was pregnant I was shocked , scared and delighted all at the same time. I loved myself finally! The glow , the new shaped baby bump , the clear skin and voluminous hair. Then the glow was gone. I lost all the weight I had gained while pregnant within a week .

A week turned into a month and month into a year and I’ve gained over 60 pounds. I didn’t know who or what I was anymore. I was embarrassed and disgusted in myself. I felt trapped in my mind and in my life . I thought everyone around me hated me and I was burden. I thought my son would be better off with another mom, because I couldn’t do anything right. I carried a lot of guilt because I had to start him on formula due to latching issues. I felt like a failure for not being able to master breastfeeding. I spent a lot of days in bed just staring at my son. I was diagnosed with post partum depression when my son was 5 weeks old. It was a scary thing to admit that I had. I begin therapy when he was about 4 months but by then I felt like I was better. I had helped myself on my own. But I still suffered with the insecurities in my parenting , relationships and myself. The nursing became easier and I feel like we’re old pros but I still had image issues . Then one day I came across the Mothers Body blog and realized I am a mother.

My body is a mothers body. It’s love , it’s comfort , it’s nourishment and it’s home for my son. The extra pounds and stretch marks mean nothing to my son and they shouldn’t mean anything to me. I’m finally learning to love myself and ask for help when I need it.

Thank you Jordan-Leigh (and Andrew) for sharing your story!


Thanks so much!

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