A Mother’s Body | Final Thoughts

Another year has come to an end for A Mother’s Body! This is my third time doing this project over the past 4 years and the thing I noticed the most this time around was how the messages have changed; maybe it’s because of social media, the body positivity movement, advertisers showing more diverse bodies, or just society as a whole moving forward, but I found the mothers much more willing and open to not only bare themselves physically, but emotionally as well. And the messages were all the same-these mothers wanted to be a good example for their children when it comes to loving their bodies, so they are all working hard on loving themselves every step of the way, in any phase of life, which is SO amazing! Post-partum is such a special and hard time for most mamas, so I really appreciate the effort and bravery it took to do this.

If I decide to do the project again (last year I had to cancel due to lack of participation but this year I had as many as I did my first year which was great), I definitely want to focus on getting more variety with my mommas (mommas of older kids in particular interest me because their perspectives are so different than new mamas, and ones that aren’t often represented; mommas of more than 1 child; and more diversity is always the goal), but I’m very happy with the images that I created this year and am super thankful for all the support this project has gotten over the years…thank you!

Finally, thank you to Rebecca, Erin, Kathrin, Stephanie, Jordan-Leigh, Alishia, Jessica and Caroline, and all their sweet babies and kids, for volunteering and sharing their experiences!

Happy Mother’s Day.


Thanks so much!

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