Personal-12 Year Anniversary Trip | Grand Manan, NB

Our 3rd year visiting this magical island, and it enchanted us just as much. Things felt a bit different this time around however; the weather was uncharacteristically sunny, which actually made my moody-loving heart sad, and although it was early September (because of weddings this year we had to book a week earlier than usual), it was still a bit too chilly for my chosen photogenic outfits and I ended up having to buy a hoodie and a scarf once there. An unfortunate fire burned down one of the cabins at Castalia Marsh Retreat, which was super sad to see, and our favourite cafe, Cafe Bleu Marie, had closed down over the winter. Despite all this, we had an amazing time and managed to discover a few new-to-us things on the island, including The Old Well House Cafe (#charmingaf), The Whale Cove Inn for a fancy supper, watching the sunset at The Whistle, and visiting Seal Cove Beach. We also did our old standbys like visiting Swallowtail before heading home on the ferry (we got to see seals and porpoises this time!), and of course, relishing in “our” little Birdhouse.

Within 24 hours of being there we talked about selling all our possessions and moving to the island…that is the effect Grand Manan has on you. It’s a wonderful place, and I look forward to spending a weekend there every year with this wonderful man. 12 years in, and better than ever.

(Because of the sunny weather, I actually ended up taking FEWER photos than I normally do…what can I say, I prefer the dark side.)


Thanks so much!

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