About Me

Hi, I’m Geneviève (pronounced with a soft ‘juh‘-nuh-vee-eh-vuh).  I live in Norton (just outside of Sussex, New Brunswick) in a very old house with a giant tree out front that I worry about a bit more than I probably should. I started Geneviève Flynn Photography in March 2011 after a year of portfolio building, and have been shooting with a DSLR since 2008. I love photography, I love light, I love relationships (especially couples), and I love seeing the beauty in everything and everyone.

I have been working full time as a photographer for 6 years (as of March 2017); I have shot over 60 weddings, photographed over 75 newborns, untold amounts of kids and families, and everything in between. I feel as though I have the experience and knowledge to work in almost any situation and will do my absolute best to deliver images you will enjoy for years to come.


A few things about me and my photographic philosophies:

  • What I really want to see above all else is you being YOU.  I want to catch the ‘in between’ moments, when your guard is down, you are relaxed and at your most beautiful.  It’s not about the perfect photograph; it’s about the perfect moment.  I can help you achieve a relaxed state of mind so that you can focus on being with the ones you love and letting you enjoy the moment. I want you to think ‘that was fun!’ at the end of your session, even if you were dreading it to start.
  • I also believe in the importance of  ‘traditional’ photographs that are well exposed, sharp and to-the-point. They may not be the most exciting thing on Earth but they are VALUED too.
  • I love to shoot on location (preferably outdoors), and in natural light.  I truly believe that we live in one of the most beautiful areas of the province (and the country!), and I enjoy incorporating the environment into my photos, no matter the season or weather (I also believe we are some of the toughest people around because of our crazy weather, but that’s another story…) There is something about being outside, though, that brings out the playful, joyous side in all of us. It’s infectious and it shows in the images.
  • I love colour and playing with light. Backlighting is my addiction. My photos are saturated and my style is casual. I don’t do ‘trendy’ editing and I try to shy away from too many overly posed or ‘prop-ey’ Pinterest-type images (as fun as they are sometimes!)  I will stand back and observe for the most part, but I do understand the need for an occasional nudge or idea; I mean, it’s what I’m there for, right?
  • I tend to lean towards the more ‘serious’ side of love; I love brooding looks, big romance, genuine smiles, intimacy, sexiness and getting in real close (to each other, not to me!) I am not be the type of photographer who will make you flip, dip, twirl or dance (but if you want to do that, please do! I love seeing how others express their love, especially extroverts who are the total opposite of me.)
  • I believe that having physical prints is as VITAL to the process as having the photos taken, and I encourage this belief by offering several print products. The images that you will remember and love are the ones that are on your walls, coffee tables, albums, shelves and frames, not the ones on your hard drive. Even if you don’t go through me, please please please PRINT your photos!
  • I believe photography is a service-based industry. It’s not about looking a certain way (trust me, you’re beautiful), or needing to have a certain type of wedding or session or location. It’s not about me, it’s about YOU and your memories.

[Photo by Courtney Gallery]

 And a few random things about me:

*1 handsome, bearded husband of over 10 years (I kind of love him…a lot. It’s kinda gross actually.)

*2 school-aged kids, Victor and Violet (who are 19 months apart)

*25+ swear words spoken in a day (don’t worry not in public)

*2 native spoken languages (French and English)

*5 tattoos with plans for more

*1 university degree, for all the good it did!

*5 rings, always on my hands (and 2 on my thumbs)

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