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Personal | 15 years

July 2003 and May 2018 About 15 years ago (in May 2003), before social media, smart phones, Netlflix, the financial crash and skinny jeans, I was a 20-year old girl living in Fredericton NB with 2 high school friends-turned-university roommates.  I had just finished my 2nd year of university at UNB and was about 8-months post-break […]

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Personal | Our 10-Year Photos

So, we did it again. I kind of feel at this point that I *might* be going overboard with photos of Dan and I (see here…and here…and here), but I couldn’t let our 10-year anniversary go by without some photographic evidence of how we look, how we felt, and how we were together at this […]

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Personal | 10 Years (& Grand Manan)

10 Years. Today, September 16th 2016, Dan and I have been married for 10 years. An entire decade. 120 months, 3650 days (or so), thousands of hours and millions of moments. It’s a bit hard to grasp the idea of being married that long (and being together even longer), I’m still trying to wrap my […]

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