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52 Fridays | Week Ten: My Season [Personal Project]

  For those who know me ‘in real life’, they know that I’m pretty weather/season obsessed. Maybe it’s because I live in an area of the world where the weather is constantly changing and we have four very distinct seasons, I’m not sure, but it’s just something that affects pretty much every area of your […]

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52 Fridays | Week Nine: Shiny [Personal Project]

  I think that I say this every week, but this week’s theme (“Shiny”) was a tough one for me! I tried several different ideas but photographing shine is actually pretty technically difficult! None of them really turned out how I pictured, but I decided to go with this one, some hard ‘shiny’ snow that […]

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52 Fridays | Week Six: Love [Personal Project]

  Hi Everyone! Back for another week of photo inspiration! I actually missed last week, just didn’t have time and wasn’t feeling very inspired, but as soon as I saw this week’s theme an idea popped into my head and I knew right away what I wanted to do. It’s not an overly creative shot, […]

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