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52 Fridays | Week Three: Words [Personal Project]

Happy Friday everyone! We’re back for another week (they seem to get here so fast, don’t they?!) This week’s theme was Words, and although I did have another shot in mind, I ran out of time and reality was facing me square in the face, so I decided to photograph it. Don’t you just hate […]

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52 Fridays | Week One: New [Personal Project]

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic New Year’s and that you are just as excited for 2012 as I am! I’m also kind of astounded that we’re here already, wasn’t it JUST 2003 or so a little while ago? Slow down Old Man (or Mother?) Time, slooooow down. Anyway, with the new year […]

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Our Family/Maternity Session

I promised that I would share more shots from my family/maternity session when I posted my 35 Weeks Bump post about a month ago, so here they are!  As I mentioned before, these were taken by Faye of Faye Kingston Photography (based in the Miramichi area of the province). She and I are somewhat related […]

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