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Personal | 17 in 2017

2017 was a great year for us personally but one without many ‘firsts’; both the kids are in school now, Dan and I are firmly settled into our careers,  we didn’t do any major renovations like in 2016 and we didn’t take any major trips (besides the same ones we take every year)…the only ‘first’ […]

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Life with Big(little) Kids

[All photos were taken this past summer by the incredibly talented Heather Wilkinson out of Woodstock. She is one of the best family portrait photographers in the province and I was so thrilled with our images, this was our first official family photo session and I’m glad that we waited until the kids were older because […]

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Personal | 16 in 2016

After sharing my favourite personal 15 images from 2015, I decided to keep the tradition going by sharing my favourite 16 images from 2016; what I’m finding as I look through my personal work is that while I do still aim to get creative portraits of my kids and my husband from time to time, really, […]

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