Petrea and Jack | Sussex, NB Engagement Photographer

Petrea and Jack were my last engagement session of the year, and they were kind enough to help me check off another photography ‘bucket list’ item: to shoot a session on The Bluff in Sussex. If you aren’t from the area, The Buff is a wooded trail that runs along a beautiful ridge that overlooks Sussex Corner and Waterford, and is definitely worth the 20-mins hike for the gorgeous view. I had been there many times before growing up but never to shoot, so I was excited when Petrea and Jack were up for the adventure. We managed to score a beautiful fall day (rare this past October!), and although most of the leaves were gone we still had lots of fall colour. They brought along their sweet pup and it was nice to have the opportunity to get to know these lovely people before their wedding next year!

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Brooke and Donovan | Norton, NB Engagement Photographer

One of the most flattering things for me as a photographer is when I get inquiries from brides who say “you did my friend’s wedding images and I loved them”, or  “my friend recommended you and I love your work!” or something like that. I love it when my clients come from word of mouth because I know that they aren’t just choosing me because of my location, or my price point, they are choosing me because they saw their friend’s work or are taking their friend/relative’s word and are trusting me to do the same for them.

This was the case with Brooke, who was a bridesmaid for one of my 2017 brides (hi Becky!), and contacted me to photograph her wedding. Originally set for September 2019, they later moved it to November in order to get into the new Cornerstone venue in Saint John, and I am STOKED. I loooove early November for shooting, and with a gorgeous couple like this, it’s going to be amazing, I just know it.

We did their engagement photos in my backyard (literally) at peak leaf time, and although we eventually got misted/fogged out, it was moody AF and we had a great time. They are models, plain and simple, and I’m a lucky, lucky gal.

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Krista & Phil | Elegant Uptown City Wedding [Saint John, NB]

Oh, this wedding. It was one of those days where everything just fell together perfectly; it was smooth, easy, lovely, and so, so NICE. And the craziest thing about it was that I only met the couple that day! They live in Newfoundland so we weren’t able to meet up before the big day but as soon as I met Krista and noticed her bright, beautiful smile and sweet personality, I knew my day was going to be a good one, and I was right. I then met Phil just a few minutes before the ceremony and immediately noticed his confident, assured demeanor (being a police officer will do that to you), and knew my day was going to be a good one, and I was right 😉

Everyone looked STUNNING (like, wow), and the early October day was perfect weather-wise. Being my last wedding of the year (and coming off a couple weeks off), I felt refreshed, invigorated, and creative, and these models indulged my every idea. The love was palpable, and my heart fluttered all day long (those dance photos at the end are some of my favs ever, ever, ever.)

Thank you Krista and Phil for the spectacular day, you highlighted for me why I love being a wedding photographer.

Couple: Krista McGavney & Phil Maher

Ceremony Location: Riverside Golf and Country Club, Rothesay, NB

Reception Location: Riverside Golf and Country Club, Rothesay, NB

Photo Locations: Uptown Saint John & Kinghurst Park, Rothesay, NB

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Sweet Baby Stella | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

I love unexpected surprises! Stella’s mom messaged me shortly after her little one was born, asking if I could fit her in for a newborn session and luckily I was able to (I always prefer to have a few month’s notice, but it’s NOT necessary to book with me!) When she came in and I saw all of her hair I was blown away, what a little beauty! Zamantha asked whether it would be ok for her mom (who was visiting from Mexico) to come in to get a photo with the baby and of course I was pleased to do it, it’s so special to have a photo of baby, mama and in this case, abuela 🙂  I will be photographing her again at 1-year, I cannot wait to see how much her hair has grown by then!

Everyone, meet sweet baby Stella.

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Sweet Baby Shea | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

Ok, there’s just something about babies with hair, isn’t there? The cuteness factor just goes up about 30% at least! Shea looked NOTHING like his big sister Anna as a newborn (I photographed her waaaay back in the day), but they reminded me so much of my own babies (who looked nothing alike), that I felt an extra little twinge of nostalgia holding him…babies are magic like that, and I feel so lucky that I get to work with as many of them as I do. Anna was keen to be a model as always and I’m so thankful to Brittany and Eric for their support over the years, it means so much to me. (Geez, the end of the year always gets me emotional!)

Everyone, meet sweet baby Shea.

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