Sweet Baby Shea | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

Ok, there’s just something about babies with hair, isn’t there? The cuteness factor just goes up about 30% at least! Shea looked NOTHING like his big sister Anna as a newborn (I photographed her waaaay back in the day), but they reminded me so much of my own babies (who looked nothing alike), that I felt an extra little twinge of nostalgia holding him…babies are magic like that, and I feel so lucky that I get to work with as many of them as I do. Anna was keen to be a model as always and I’m so thankful to Brittany and Eric for their support over the years, it means so much to me. (Geez, the end of the year always gets me emotional!)

Everyone, meet sweet baby Shea.

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Sweet Baby Luca | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

Oh, this little boy, what a darling he was! When Jenny contacted me to let me know that she was expecting her 2nd baby and wanted me to document it the same I had 2 years ago with big sister Vera, I was thrilled; Jenny is the type of person who will chat with you as if she has known you forever, she’s so genuine and friendly, I was looking forward to catching up. After a lovely spring maternity session out in their neck of the woods, Luca arrived in the fall, looking quite a bit like his sister, and was just as sweet. I can’t wait to watch him grow up (SO thankful for IG so that I can keep up with all my babies!!)

Everyone, meet sweet baby Luca.

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Kayla & Ryan | Country Backyard Wedding [Berwick, NB]

My first wedding of the Fall season was spectacular, period. After a couple much needed weeks off, I was eager to return to to the world of weddings, and this one did not disappoint. The weather was typical a-bit-too-hot for September weather, the couple was friendly and kind, their daughter provided a ton of personality and laughs, the wedding party looked stunning and the entire backyard-country feel was just what I needed (oh, and the reception shenanigans were hilarious). I love these casual (yet elegant) affairs so, SO much. What a way to kick of my favourite time of year, thanks Kayla and Ryan!

Couple: Kayla Benson and Ryan Tingley

Ceremony Location: Lower Millstream United Church, Lower Millstream, NB

Reception Location: Bride’s Parents’ Backyard, Berwick, NB

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Sweet Baby Clark | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

September was THE month of babies! 2 little ladies and 3 little boys, all born within a couple weeks of each other, equalled a very busy couple of weeks for me in the studio! It was hectic and exhausting but I loved it 🙂 After photographing both his big brothers I was looking forward to meeting Clark to see who he looked like. At only 5-ish pounds, this tiny little peanut definitely favored his brother Brock over big turkey Luke, but I loved photographing them all equally. It’s a busy life for Jenna and Jake but it’s the one they’ve always wanted and I’m honored they invited me to document it along the way.

Everyone, meet sweet baby Clark.


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Michelle & Scott | Intimate Backyard Country Wedding [Sussex, NB]

Time to catch up on some blogging! Now that wedding season is over and I’m *almost* out of my editing cave, I can look back on the year that was and feel so thankful for all the wonderful clients who welcomed me into their lives this year. Whether it was on their wedding day, or to photograph their new engagement or their new baby, it all meant so much to me and I’m probably going to be emotional about it until Christmas!

This wedding here was one of those ones where I just felt so happy to be there; everything was easy and sunshine. Michelle and Scott chose a small, intimate wedding in there backyard and asked me to come along for the ceremony and a few portraits after. With the golden late summer sunshine, wheat fields, rustic red barn and lovely wedding party, how could I not be thrilled? It was lovely, just like these two.

Couple: Michelle Black and Scott Seymore

Ceremony Location: Couple’s backyard, Dutch Valley, NB

Photo Location: Family Farm, Lower Millstream, NB

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