Carly & Jeff | Elegant Rockwood Park Wedding [Saint John, NB]

Back in August, when temperatures were still high and everything was wild and green, I celebrated a wedding day with Carly and Jeff, a super sweet couple who emanated kindness and love to everyone around them. They’ve grown up together and have been together since their early days in university (like Dan and I), so I saw a lot of myself in their comfort with each other, their easy smiles and quiet mutual energy. And, just like them, their family and friends were such kind people, it made working with them all such a pleasure. Oh, and I will always remember their day because it was the day that the BC forest fires blew all the way across the continent and caused the oddest, most reddish mid-day sun that I’ve ever seen.

Oh, and this too: “Honor, get on ‘er, stay on ‘er” <–newfie bridesmaid’s toast 😉

Couple: Carly Nichols and Jeff Barsalou

Ceremony Location: Public Gardens, Saint John, NB

Reception Location: Lily Lake Pavilion, Saint John, NB

Photo Location: Harriet Irving Memorial Park, Saint John, NB







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Dan and Sarah | Alma, NB Engagement Photographer

Oh, this was a good one. I first got in contact with Dan, who wanted me to help him with a little surprise for his girlfriend, Sarah.  They were traveling through the Maritimes from Pennsylvania and were planning to be in Fundy for a few days. Dan had a secret plan to propose to Sarah at Peggy’s Cove that weekend and wanted to book an engagement session while they were in Fundy, basking in their post-proposal glow. How sweet is that?! He nailed it, I’d say. So I met them both at Bennett Lake one warm September evening and what a lovely pair they were, so cuddly and happy (I just kept thinking Sarah had a “megawatt” smile if I’ve ever seen one), and I had a great time showing them around our Canadian wilderness (well, as wild as a national park can be). We then ventured into Alma, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites places to shoot, I just love the entire feel of that place.

I only wish that I could join them for their wedding next Fall down in Maryland (darn customs and borders), but I wish them all the best in their new lives together, I know they will be super happy!

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Bonnie & Barry(Bear) | Waterford, NB Backyard Country Wedding

Bonnie and Barry (aka “Bear”) were married in Bonnie’s mom’s backyard, surrounded by friends, family, drinks, and lots of laughs. It was the kind of day that didn’t feel like work for me, it felt like hanging out with friends who were having a great time (and who were dressed up). They didn’t put any pressure on anyone or anything all day, and everything worked out perfectly because of it. Bonnie’s no-nonsense attitude (and potty mouth) made her a girl after my own heart and Bear had the nicest smile and gave the most genuine hugs of any groom I think I’ve met (he’s also the first groom who brought his own camera and photographed me!) And to top it all off, I got to photograph a lone tree (above) that I’ve been eyeing for literally YEARS. Gotta love small towns and the connections they allow.

Bonnie and Bear, thanks so much for having me, it was a great party!

Couple: Bonnie Morrison and Barry Gilbert

Ceremony Location: Mom’s backyard, Dutch Valley, NB

Reception Location: Mom’s backyard, Dutch Valley, NB

Photo Locations: Waterford, NB


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Sweet Baby Nora | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

This little lady was the perfect newborn for me! Sleepy, squishy, bendy, and just the sweetest, I felt very lucky to photograph her and her very kind and lovely parents Emily and Spencer. This was also the first session where I had a designated assistant with me (my studio partner Brittany of Valley Photography) and the difference was so great! Safety is always my number one concern when photographing your baby and so far I have been able to do it all on my own, but I may just have to look into having someone with me from now on (mostly to clean up after me and pass me my camera, ha!) One of my main goals this winter is to film a promotion with some behind the scenes shots of a newborn session, I cannot wait! Until then, I’m just trying to get through busy season 🙂

Everyone, meet sweet baby Nora.

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Sweet Baby Rose | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

Darling little Rose came to see me in the studio earlier this month and I was completely smitten; she was a precious little one who had the biggest smiles (and frowns) that I have seen in a baby in quite awhile! Her parents are from wedding clients too, which is like winning the lottery for me, it’s such an honour to be chosen for life’s big moments like the beginning of a marriage and the beginning of a family. I try to never take it for granted <3

(And this yellow flower set up might be a fav of 2018 for sure!!)

Everyone, meet sweet baby Rose.

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