The senior/grad/teen market here isn’t the same as in the United States, but it’s still an area of photography that’s growing, and one that I am more than happy to accommodate! I love photographing people in their teens; for one, it’s easier for me since they are much better listeners than the toddler set (usually!), and they are usually up for some more creative stuff. Sometimes they are shy but kids these days mostly all have cell phones that take pictures, so they know what it’s like to be in front of a camera. I do my best to be ‘cool’ with them but I’m sure I fail miserable (I actually remember asking someone if they read ‘twilight’…umm, so lame!) Anyway, I really hope that I get to photograph a few more young adults this year, but in the meantime here’s a look back at some of my favourites images from my sessions with Allison, Vanessa, Zéba, Amber, Cam, Kaylee, Nat, Taylor, Nevin, McKenna and Claire!

(Some of these images haven’t even been blogged yet, guess I’m still quite a bit behind!)

Alright, next post will be another big one, my favourite Family images of 2012 (I also need to work on my Weddings post, which will be the hardest I think…)

Until then,

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MY FAVOURITES OF 2012 | Newborns

Well, it’s that time of year! 2012 is behind us and it’s time to look forward to the new year! 2012 was an incredible year for me and this little business of mine, I had the opportunity to meet so many amazing clients, many of whom have turned into friends, saw some return clients (LOVE that), and had some really incredible sessions. I did 13 (!!) weddings and dozens of portrait sessions of all kinds. Going through my session folders over the past few days has been a real treat for me because I am getting to relive so many special moments with some really amazing people. Last year I did a few ‘my favourites’ posts, and I decided to do them again this year! First up, the tiniest of clients.

Newborn photography is one of my favourite types of portrait sessions, there’s just something about working with these tiny, new little beings that I absolutely love. I feel like I am ready to take the next step in newborn photography, which means investing in more equipment, learning posing techniques, and collecting a few more special props. I can’t wait to meet all the little babies that will be born this year, there’s nothing sweeter 🙂

Enjoy these favourites images from my sessions with Odessa, Bentley, Marcus, Ethan, Rosalie, Hudson, Lydia, Jack, and Charlotte!

(To see more of each session, go to “Categories” in the main navigation bar and click on “Newborns”)

Up next, my favourite baby and child images from 2012!

Until then,

Aimee Silliker Dunfield - Amazing! amazing, and a good reminder to get our order in. Nick is going to message you withthe ones we have chosen.

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6 Years | Dan & I [Personal Post]

Over the summer I had made up my mind that I wanted to get photos done of Dan and I. No kids, no wedding outfits, no bump in my belly, just the two of us as we are now. Our six year wedding anniversary was coming up, as was our youngest’s first birthday…it felt like we were entering a new phase in our lives (done with babies and firmly planted into our roles with our kids/new house/careers), and I wanted to document it. Dan of course was a little hesitant to spend the money but I told him that it was a perfect anniversary present and that I’d pay for it so he agreed 🙂  So I began searching for photogs around the area and eventually discovered Shannon May of Shannon May Photography through a vendor on Facebook. I enjoyed her style a lot (it’s a bit similar to my own), so even though she’s mainly a wedding photographer I emailed her a long and rambly email asking about photos and talking shop, and I was delighted when she replied with an equally long and rambly email. We met for coffee one afternoon in September for a pre-shoot consul/shop talk date and I knew right away that I wanted to work with her. She sent us a questionnaire to fill out together about our relationship (a lot of fun), and the day before our anniversary (September 16th), we met in SJ for our session.

Let me say one thing: I am NOT used to being in front of the camera. I used to do a bunch of silly self portraits before I had kids (and who am I kidding, I still do some with my camera phone), but having my photo taken by someone else is another experience altogether. Luckily Dan isn’t quite so nervous (he’s been my muse for years so is used to the camera) and after a bit of liquid courage (haha), we loosened up and had fun. Of course being a photographer (and kind of a control freak), it was hard for me not to direct and try to lead the session, but Shannon was really great and made us feel at ease enough that neither one of us had to do much directing. I knew that I wanted a mix of urban shots and nature shots, since it kind of suits our personalities (and I love the look of urban photos), and I chose a couple outfits to match (side note: I now understand what my  clients go through when trying to choose outfits for their sessions!! It’s soooo hard, it took me forever and I eventually just went to the mall and told the salesgirl to help me pick out clothes, haha. Most of the pieces in our outfits are thrifted though, which was nice!) It started to rain by the end of our session so we had to cut it early, but I’m so pleased with what she was able to capture. Dan and I both feel like we’re in a really good place with our marriage and I think that our love shows in the photos, which is exactly what I wanted. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I haven’t printed any of these shots yet, but I have a 16X24 canvas reserved for one of our favs (probably one of the shots in the woods), and I plan on doing a collage of prints with some of the urban shots to go in our bedroom…which ones would you choose??

THANK YOU Shannon May. I absolutely loved the experience and can’t wait to get photos taken again (perhaps in a couple of years we can do that hotel session when I’m back to being fit, haha).

Here are a few of my favourites from our session below (you can see Shannon’s blog post about our session  here).

Shannon May is based out of St. Stephen so if you are looking for a truly boutique style photography experience for your wedding or couples session, please get in touch with her! I can’t recommend her enough 🙂

Back soon, thanks for letting me share a bit of my life here!


Jade Shephard - Awesome job!!! Love them all…you guys look so in love…it’s nice to still be able to see it after all the years and kids and everyday life craziness! I can relate and I am even more in love with my husband too:)

Sarah Flynn - you guys are too cute, I don’t think I could be this open in front of a camera, I always make weird faces or maybe that’s just my face haha.

Erin McKenna - Beautiful pictures Genevieve.

Joni Mersereau-Burtt - Perfect!

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Finally, a Girl | Odessa [Norton, NB Newborn Photographer]

I’m very happy to introduce to you all, little Miss Odessa! Her mama, Sara, has been waiting for her for a long time (and we even took some pictures along the way). She was born without much fuss or fight about 3 weeks ago, and has assimilated into the Walker household quite nicely. Being the 3rd born, she’s fairly easy going, but of course likes to get attention from her mama from time to time (usually late at night). She’s a little cutie and I think a little newborn Judah double, but I can’t wait to see how this little girl is going to change over the next year. One thing’s for sure, she’s going to be quite spoiled!

Here are some photos I took of her at 10 days old.

(She’s not even 2 weeks old and already giving me the curled lip sass, haha)

More to share, so stick around! 🙂

Tracey Howe - Sara she is beautiful!

Gordon Walker - The pictures are almost as precious as she is!

Sara Walker - Love them Genevieve!

Phyllis Heinrichs - WOW

Sheila Walker - So beautiful <3 them!

Pamela J Pinner - What beautiful pictures. Congratulation Gordon and Sheila and David and Sara.

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Raven Hair | Rosalie [Waterford, NB Newborn Photographer]

I’ve been waiting a long time to take these photos, about 9 months to be exact! You may remember my sister Daphné and her Bump Watch posts…well, on November 5th my little nièce Rosalie Elisabeth Winchester was born, after an insanely and cruelly long birth (we’re talking 3 days of steady painful labour and an emergency c-section at the end of it all…what a terrible weekend that was! TOTAL opposite of my 5.5 and ONE HOUR labours with my kids.) Anyway, she’s here now, and she’s healthy and happy and crying and peeing and sleeping and everything newborns should be doing 🙂 My sister seems to be handling new motherhood well so far, though she’s had some rough nights (didn’t we all?) and is trying a bit too much to ‘do it all’ (don’t we all?) I must say though, I do love that she texts me everyday with questions or to tell me about Rosie. I hope that I can offer her some tips and advice or encouragement when she needs it, and I can’t wait to take more pictures of this little girl (who I must say is probably one of the cutest babies you’ve ever seen, right?! Look at the hair! That’s my sister through and through, though her face and expressions seem to be her father…a perfect mix.)

Enjoy her session (and pre-session bath pics) below!

She has the funniest little faces already 🙂

Have a great day!

Michelle McCaffrey - Lovely pictures! What a beauty! Love all that pixie hair and that last picture is just too cute!

Michelle King Whalen - Beautiful baby and the bright colours look so perfect on her.

Sara Walker - Beautiful ! She looks just like you Genevieve (well and Daphne too). Super cute.

Shirley Keith - What a sweetie!

Sheila Walker - What a cutie! I’d say she takes after her mom side of the family 🙂 As usually lovely picture!

Sheila Walker - Such a cutie! I’d say she takes after her moms side of the family. Love the colours – nice job Genevieve.

Bonnie Marina Flynn - What a beautiful baby.The hair makes her look like Victor.Will she have the eyelashes too? Congratulations to your sister Genevieve.The pictures are great.

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